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Eaddy Mays - TV

Eaddy Mays - TV

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Eaddy Mays
A Teen Wolf’s Scariest Nightmare!

Eaddy Mays photo by James O'Keefe 
     Every now and then a TV character comes along who is so attention commanding that you have to tune in weekly just to see what they will do next. These types of characters are the one’s you love to hate, yet you actually admire and respect them in the deepest subconscious way. Even if they are right in their pursuits, you still root for them to lose just because they are that scheming and conniving.  When one thinks of some of the most beloved hated characters in TV history, names like Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing from the CBS night time soap “Dallas” and Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington from the other powerhouse night time ABC soap “Dynasty” easily come to mind. Well move over folks and make room, there is another name and character to add to that long distinguished list of legends and she is Eaddy Mays who portrays Mrs. Victoria Argent, wife of werewolf hunter Christopher Argent on the MTV smash hit series “Teen Wolf.”

Victoria Argent (Scariest Mom on TV)  MTV Photo
     Mays’ character on the show has been labeled by many as the scariest mom on TV because she will protect her family at all cost doing whatever is necessary regardless of the ethical or non-ethical stigma attached to it. She can hold her favorite weapon (a knife) up to a werewolf’s throat without batting an eye one second then turn right around the next and be the sweetest mom on earth serving sweet treats. Mays, a University of Georgia – Athens, graduate with a degree in history, like all actors paid her dues via training and working up the ranks. Her latest film role is that of Agent Thomas in Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Witness Protection.”

Scott (Tyler Posey) the wolf  MTV Photo
    On “Teen Wolf,” Victoria Argent is the arch nemesis of Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey) who is a teen werewolf and is learning to control his powers as well as try to be normal while not only being hunted by Argent and her husband but be plagued by rival supernatural creatures as well. At the conclusion of the last and second season, Argent was bitten by Derek, another werewolf (played by Tyler Hoechlin). Rather than transition into one of the beast, she committed suicide to end the season. Will she be back? Only the writers know for sure. If not, she definitely made her impact on the show.

Eaddy Mays RMM photo

   I was able to catch up with Mays as she walked the red carpet for the Tyler Perry “Madea’s Witness Protection” premiere in New York. She was looking amazing. With all of the supernatural themes in TV floating around now, what is the set like for “Teen Wolf?” Mays responds, “It seems like there’s that culture of vampires and zombies and oh, werewolves now! Um-um, this is not like anything else that’s out there. It’s a totally re-imagined treatment of this teen wolf. It’s romantic, sexy, but its plot driven and its exciting and it can be scary and violent. You can’t take your eyes off of it and I do some crazy stuff this season.” 

Victoria warns her daughter Allison (Crystal Reed) MTV Photo

     Since MTV is basically known for her reality show’s, is scripted TV an area that the network is drifting into? Mays examines this by saying, “Teen Wolf has become MTV’s #1 scripted show and the reason is largely due to the show’s creator Jeff Davis. The man truly is brilliant and has re-imagined Teen Wolf in such a way that it is compelling. And he is supported by a cast and a crew that are very close knit and incredibly professional but at the same time fun!” 

Victoria even threatens with a pencil MTV Photo
      Now that the subject of fun is on the table, how much of it is Mays having with her role? She laughs, “When you watch the show, it really is the scariest mom on TV. The show’s creator Jeff Davis writes to our strengths which  makes me a little nervous because I come off a little odd and people just think I’m crazy and very scary obviously and that’s how I got that nick name the scariest mom on TV. But it is a real exciting role to play and nothing like I’ve ever played before. I have found a pension for playing the bad guy – the person you love to hate. Those tend to be the roles that I gravitate to so I’m really honored to get to play it in Teen Wolf.” The show airs on MTV, Mondays at 10/9 CST. 

Cast shot  MTV Photo

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