Thursday, March 15, 2012

Roshon - TV

Making His Dreams Into Reality!

By Rych McCain, International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment columnist

Roshon, (Photo by Jon Santana)

     There is a certain assurance about being in the presence of a person who is not only full of life from a positive side but radiates the go getting confidence to make it happen!  Roshon Fegan, professionally known as “Roshon,” is a young man on a mission with a pretty solid idea of how to accomplish it. The Los Angeles native grew up in a showbiz family carefully observing his dad Roy who is a professional actor with major TV and movie credits as well as directing and producing. So it is no small wonder where Roshon’s wise guidance originates and why he is on target with his goals. However, Roshon was not one to rest on the family name alone. Like all great professional children in the biz, he put in his share of training with acting lessons and performance arts school.  Roshon broke into the biz with a small role on the blockbuster “Spiderman 2” at age 12. TV roles and commercials followed.   

     The break through movie that put his name on the map was the Disney smash hit film “Camp Rock” where he played Sander Loyer and performed songs on the soundtrack. His popularity continues to soar through the roof as Ty Blue on the Disney mega-hit “Shake It Up.” Roshon currently has a hit single released on iTunes titled “Got Me Like,” on his own “3 ina Ro Entertainment” label (pronounced three-in-a-row) which he and dad runs. He has a show on YouTube called “The Ro and Co Show” with his fellow actor friend Cody Linley. Roshon’s website is loaded with the 411 on everything he is into and you can check it out at      

      Being the fodder of the teenybop gossip and fan magazine, how does Roshon handle the intrusions on his privacy? He laughs with his upbeat demeanor and explains, ”It is kind of crazy. I don’t know. People want to know what I’m about so that’s just what happens I guess.” Roshan has a new three song EP dropping in March that he is super excited about and he runs it down. “That’s going to be hot man! That’s something I’m really looking forward to.     

      It’s called “I Am Ro, I Am Roshon.’  Its three tracks that I fully produced and wrote myself. And its three tracks that are really important to me because I’ve made a lot of songs in my life, I’ve dropped a lot of stuff on the internet but it didn’t really represent me as who I am as a person and an artist as well as these three songs do. So it’s really just my introduction to the world with my music. So that’s why it’s real important.” Being that he is equally creative with the music and the acting, does one have more pull than the other in terms of what gets first priority? This one makes him pause to ponder but only for a half a second. “Aw man, I’m just getting the hang of it now but I’ve been doing it all of my life. It is crazy. As an actor, I’m on the set Monday through Friday grinding it out but right after I’m off set, I’m in the studio working on the music. So on the acting tip, since I have a steady job, it’s really no way to try to put that on hold, I have to split time. And by splitting time, that means it really is 50-50. I’m acting 24/7 and I’m doing music 24/7 and just splitting the days in half to make it work.” 

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