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Billy Unger - TV

Billy Unger
Super Powers On Set, Super Personality Off Set!

By Rych McCain,international/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Billy Unger (Photo Courtesy M&H)
     He has the solid handsome looks that his female fans crave and adore while starring on the hit Disney show “Lab Rats.” One can easily conger up the images of a stereo type, conceded TV star but a personal encounter with teen actor Billy Unger quickly obliterates any negative perceptions one might conceive of this young thespian. As with many teen actors, Unger started in the biz at a young age and had roles in TV shows such as “Scrubs,” “Cold Case,” and “Desperate Housewives” and appearances in movies like “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” “Crank: High Voltage,” “You Again,” and “Cop Dog” to mention some and has won several “Young Artist Awards” The Palm Beach, Florida native now living in LA plays guitar and graduated from high school three years early and is currently taking college courses.  Unger plays the character of Chase on the hit Disney Channel TV Series “Lab Rats.” When asked to describe the show and his role, he enthusiastically responses, “It’s very similar to “Wizards of Waverly Place” (another teen Disney show), in that we have these super abilities and we’re trying to keep it under wraps. We’re trying to live normal lives without letting anyone know that we have these super abilities and that we are in a way superheroes.” 

     Unger further describes the basic premise of the show saying, “Lab Rats” is a Disney original series about three bionic, superhuman children living in an underground laboratory. Our creator who is very much like Tony Stark from “Iron Man,” gets married and the woman that he married son moves in with him. So now he has a step son who wonders around the house and discovers us in this underground laboratory. We really hit it off, we become best friends, all four of us and he starts talking about all of these wonderful and amazing things that we have yet to experience because we have been locked in this underground lab for most of our lives. He starts talking about school, going to the mall, texting, cell phones, friends, birthday parties and stuff like that.  And we’re like, that’s what we want! We’ve lived in this underground lab all of our lives, we’re being trained to become these superheroes, to go on these dangerous missions to save the world but what we really want is just to be normal kids. So we sneak off to go to school.”  

      When looking at the many subjects a show like this can cover such as bullying etc., Unger stresses, “Kids will relate to the fact that we don’t fit in. At first and even still, we don’t fit in whatsoever. We are the underdogs and the whole storyline is that we are trying to make those friends. We’re doing what ever we have to do to live normal lives. If we could, we’d give up the mission, super human life all together and just be normal kids but we can’t. That’s something we have to carry with us no matter where we go.” How does Unger break down his character Chase? He relates, “My character Chase’s ability is that he is super intelligent. When it comes to going on these dangerous missions wanting to save the world, he is the youngest one but he is the leader. When in doubt, look to Chase, he will figure it out and all three of us will execute the plan perfectly. Chase is the one who lays out the entire plan and says, look, this is what we have to do if we want to complete this mission and thank God, we have yet to fail a mission. If we do fail a mission it could mean the end of the world. Kids are going to love that because we’re just children but we’re out saving the world!” 

     On the personal side, Unger is preparing himself for life after Disney by staying in touch his action and drama sides for the type of roles that the mouse doesn’t offer and is well aware of the so-called “Disney Curse” with plans to avoid the drug bug, alcoholic, bad ex-Disney kid route. Unger has a good team and a great family that keeps him grounded. The ladies will love the fact that Unger is attracted to females who could be friends first, dresses on the cool, hip, rockerish side and loves his Aviator sun glasses

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