Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nick Nervies - Movie

Nick Nervies 
Secures The Party Of Parties In Project X!

By Rych McCain, International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Nick Nervies (Photo by Deidra Fahey)
     At first encounter, he may seem unassuming and low key but behind that reserved exterior is a mega-ton bomb of charisma, talent and very clear mindset as to the direction he is headed in and how he is going to get there. Seventeen year-old actor Nick Nervies (pronounced Nervye), plays Tyler, who is a security guard at the wildest teen party ever in the new Warner Bros. Pictures flick  “Project X.” Nervies is a native Los Angelino who began his acting career young. He explains, “I had a friend that was actually an actor before I was. I was eleven back then. I went with him to his agency’s office to drop something off. When we got upstairs his agent said you have a look; do you act? I’ve always been curious about acting. I’ve always watched shows and said hey I want to do that. Since he asked me you should start; my mom and I began looking into actually getting into acting. That’s how it really all started.” Of course after his training and sending out head shots etc., he got signed to a major talent agency, Nervies started booking TV roles including “Will and Grace,” “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Monk” to name some and his current TV show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” where he plays Daryl Black. Nervies has also appeared in films “The Soloist” and “Role Models.” He has been nominated twice for a “Young Artist Award” and now ranks along side with the top young actors in the biz such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner and Josh Hutcherson to name some. Getting back to his current film, Nervies runs down his role. “Tyler is the security guard over the whole party which is kind of strange because my character is like thirteen years-old and he’s the security guard over a bunch of college students. I try to keep the party from going out of control which I don’t do too well as the movie goes on but we try.” 

     How he secured the role has a different turn as well. Nervies laughs, “At first the characters were like seven and eight and it just wasn’t working having them play security guards so they upped the roles. I was talking on set to one of the producers and he told me he was familiar with my role on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and he gave me the script for the actual Tyler role and told me to come back the next day and practice some of the lines when I got home. So the next day I did the lines for him and they booked me as the role of Tyler. So that was pretty interesting.” When asked if he sings, he is quick to say no to that one but adds, “I do music though. I actually rap. I signed with Soulja Boy’s management company. I’ve been good friends with him for about three or four years now and when I started rapping, he was the first person who kind of gave me a shot. We’ll see how that all unfolds.” Nervies had a good time on the set of “Project X” because of all of the teenagers but when it came time for work, everyone transformed into game face mold and got down to work. Nervies has been home schooled most of his life only attending regular school for kindergarten and the third grade. 

     Does he feel like he’s had a so-called normal life as far as his socialization with people goes or will he turn into a show-biz misfit later on down the road? He laughs, “Not at all! I have a great social life. A lot of the other kids who are into acting are home schooled and we hangout a lot. We try to do as much fun stuff as we can. We go bowling, to the movies etc., and try to do as much as we can together because we all know what it is like to sit in the house and go straight to set. So we have a good social life.”  Even though it is an everyday common thing to him, Nervies running pals reads like a list of the Who’s Who in the teen TV and movie worlds

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