Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Azur De - TV

Azur De
Inspired, Determined And Playing To Win!

By Rych McCain, International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment columnist

Azur De (Photo by David Muller)
     The active ingredients of success differ according to the task and variables of one’s chosen endeavor, profession or life career path. In the showbiz game, one must possess the gifts of talent, looks, discipline and determination accompanied with the proper preparation needed to make it go right. Actress Azur De is apply equipped with all of the above mentioned attributes and has set her aim with no limits for the sky and beyond as an actress. The native Angelino is a graduate of UC Berkley with a BA degree in Mass Communications and Theater. She is also a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. Azur De’s gorgeous looks allowed her to become a professional print model where she did layouts and ads for such clients as Levis Jeans, IBM, Budweiser and others. As with all actresses, Azur De has done her share of TV commercials for McDonald’s, Boost Mobile, Payless, Direct TV and more. 

     “She’s Sill Not Our Sister,” the four part gospel play series that recently aired on the (GMC) Gospel Music Channel cable network as their first original gospel play series is one of Azur De’s latest projects. She plays Deniec, the youngest of the Walker sisters who include Vivian, the oldest, played by Kellita Smith (“The Bernie Mac Show”); Cynthia the middle child, played by Drew Sidora (“The Game”) and half sister Allison, played by Jazsmin Lewis (“Meet The Brown’s”). The cast is rounded out by Jackee Harry, Clifton Powell, Christian Keyes and Tony Grant. The series is about the Walker sisters who come into millions upon the death of their father Joseph Walker. But first they must accept a half sister that they never knew existed, then open up their home and live with her for a specified period of time before they can collect the money. The half sister is named Allision. She is the result of an affair their daddy’ had. In describing her character Deniece, Azur De says, “We’re three sisters, obviously three different personalities, I’m the youngest and I pretty much serve as the voice of reason amidst a bunch of chaos in the family. The stories that follow are the results of us getting the money and dealing with our own trials and tribulations and in the end, realizing that it’s not about money or anything its about family and loving one another regardless of the money. I’m the character that kind of lets everybody know, hey, we have to look at the bigger picture here. So I’m pretty much the voice of reason even though I’m the youngest sister.” 

     Azur De has stage chops in addition to the Film and TV medium having been in several theater plays. Master theater playwrite, director and producer Don B. Welch is one of her favorites to work for. She was part of the cast for his super smash hit “The Bachelorette Party.” This spring Azur De will be staring in Welch’s upcoming play at the famed Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles titled “My Brother’s Keeper.” That cast will include superstars Loretta Divine, Eric Bennett and Vanessa Bell Calloway. How does Azur De keep full steam ahead despite the pitfalls of Hollywood? She reflects, “I’ve always seen the glass as half full. I always see things with an optimistic view because that’s how I was reared even coming from the hood, I never let that stop me from looking better and beyond. I know and recognize a struggle. It’s very hard. I’m a woman and a Black woman. It’s very difficult, I don’t think it’s and easy process. There is a new media that is allowing for different opportunities with social media like a lot of webisodes are prevalent right now. So getting into that platform seems to be the way people are going. There is not a lot of funding for independent projects so people are creating their own content. What I find most is that a lot of actors are now more than just actors. They are becoming film makers, directors, creating their own content, getting their own stuff out there and putting matters into their own hands because if you sit back and wait, it’s not going to happen!”

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