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Betty White - TV

Betty White
Golden Girl, Sprite As Ever At 90!

By Rych McCain, International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Betty White (Photo Courtesy of TV Land)
     She is a veteran of radio and TV with a string of hit shows that has drawn an impressive array of fans and admirers from all across the board. Betty White has laid a path in television that shows a shining example of what the art form is truly about. She has been at it for a long time and shows no signs of slowing down. The demand for her talent is as high as ever as it seems that every show wants an appearance from her in one way or the other. She is currently on fire as the sassy Elka Ostrovsky on the smash hit TV Land Network series “Hot In Cleveland.” NBC recently paid tribute to her on the eve of her 90th birthday with a 90-minute special that was followed by a preview of her new hidden camera series, "Betty White's Off Their Rockers,” which airs on NBC. A host of friends, former and current cast mates joined in to celebrate.  White was also being saluted for her devotion to animals and sharing memories of a career that has brought her five prime-time Emmy Awards, most recently in 2010 for hosting "Saturday Night Live."  

     When quizzed about her age milestone White said, "Everybody else is far more excited about the 90 than I am. I keep trying to explain, don't give me any credit. I didn't do anything to get to be 90. It just happened. I didn't accomplish anything. It just came up on me. But I’m blessed with good health for which I am deeply greatful.”  Born Jan. 17, 1922, in Oak Park, Ill., just outside Chicago, White moved with her family to Southern California as a child and graduated from Beverly Hills High School. She bypassed college to pursue a career in radio and went to television in the 1950s, co-hosting "The Al Jarvis Show," a 5 1/2-hour live daily program on what is now KCOP-TV Channel 13. She is best know as Sue Ann Nivens on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” and Rose Nylund on “The Golden Girls.” When one looks at how busy White is at ninety she observes, “Who at this age is lucky enough to be working as much as I am? First of all, I’m on a series that I absolutely love (“Hot In Cleveland”), with three of the most wonderful gals who ever drew breath and it’s a laugh session everyday. My book got published and is doing very well. It’s my second book this year. I’m the luckiest old broad on two feet I promise you and I don’t take it for granted for one single minute. And everybody says well you’re too busy, you’ve got to simmer down, it’s not good for you, you must be so tired. I not only have been blessed with good health but good energy. I can credit my folks for the genes that put that together. But I can’t get old at this age. I don’t feel this age. I’m not trying to be any younger. I’m not lying about my age. If I were lying about my age, I’d say I was 89! One of the high spots is, I’m healthy enough to enjoy it and surrounded by friends I adore. Isn’t that kind of a best way to sign off?” In a positive way of looking at her solidly booked schedule, White laughs and says, “It’s not work when you love what you do.”

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