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Sarah Bolger - Film

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Sarah Bolger - Film

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Sarah Bolger

Tackles The Wrath Of The Lazarus Effect!
By Rych McCain/ and Facebook

     Relativity Media out did themselves on this one. As if it wasn’t enough that the movie “The Lazarus Effect,” was scary, they had the screening at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery located behind Paramount Studios. The evening featured a black carpet for the cast and guest, a haunted maze that we all had to walk through filled with actors portraying ghouls and bloody freaks jumping out at you and food in the Shriner’s hall then to the screening room. It was a different experience for most.

Sahra Bolger as Eva
     The film centers on a small group of scientists who accidentally discover a way to bring the dead back to life. Of course there is always someone in the bunch whose ambitions get the most of them and they cause things to get off track. The experiment required a photographer to document everything on film so Eva was hired for the job. Eva is played by Dublin, Ireland native Sarah Bolger. She may best be known from “In America” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles” among some of her other body of work. This soft spoken Irish cutie is a minister of The Eucharist, a position she has held since she was 17 so she has a dedicated serious side.

     Without giving away what happens in the movie, this columnist was hoping that Bolger’s character would help save the day given the circumstances that she faces. Bolger laughs saying, “There were a couple of different endings that we had for the film so that was a potential. That was there. Bolger’s character Eva was the youngest one and a non scientist so she endured a lot of put down and insults as just the camera girl. How did Bolger get her head right for this kind of role? She laughs again, “I think what my character had was the reliability of most people with just the fascination of what this project was being able to bring people back from the dead.” 
Mark Duplass as Frank and Sarah Bolger as Eva
      This movie was shot with very limited sets within a confined area. When Bolger and the rest of the cast would return to the sets after they were changed did they appear scarier or more frightening especially when the actors get back into character? Bolger explains, “It’s harder to be scared because that’s where you eat lunch. That space is where you’re sitting on the sideline while the shot gets set up so it’s harder I think to make that space scarier because it’s small, confined and you’re living there the month and a half that we filmed. So it’s your home, where you play, chat, eat and where you work so it’s really hard to forget all of that. It’s like oh I just took a nap here during lunch so it’s really hard.”

     The film was shot in a warehouse in the valley. Bolger lamented, “It was really hot. We all had to gauss and spray ourselves down with water to keep cool and the cast was a good group of friendly people. You also can’t be too light hearted about your day because of the scenes you are doing. I cried so much because there was so much emotion.  I think the real scared has to scare you as well as the audience. I have to feel scared.”

     Does her job as an actress affect her daily life? Bolger says, “I’m Irish and my accent has changed. The movies that I do are mostly American and British so I can’t seem to get my thick Irish accent back. Is she American now? Bolger says, “My mom laughs at me when I say things like trunk of the car instead of boot of the car and sidewalk instead of pavement and I swear less.”

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