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Jodi Mattinson - Film

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Jodi Mattinson - Film

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

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Jodi Mattinson
Driven To The Top Of Her Game!

Jodi Mattinson Business Mogul
     In the cut throat environment of the corporate business world you either have what it takes to survive and win or you don’t and you lose. It doesn’t matter what line of business one is in if they are at the top, successful and making profit, cash money bottom line. Corporate mogul Jodi Mattinson is rich, young, sexy, fine, fun loving and a super sharp expert in the line of work that she runs which is an escort business. Only the self righteous, judgmental, right wing inspired, pompous, moral do-gooders would frown upon what Mattinson does for a living. Whether they like it or not, they must give credit where credit is due. This lady is a runaway, successful dynamo who has literally dominated the competition by having the most successful escort business in the State of Utah – yes Salt Lake City of all ungodly places!  Mattinson is the founder and owner of “Companions Escorts” which is not only the biggest and most successful; it is simply the most professional and the best hands down!

Jodi Mattinson CEO
Mattinson has been labelled a madam, pimp and other titles meant to degrade her but she laughs off her haters. Award winning film/TV director Kourtney Ragland owner of “Most High” Entertainment and Emmy and NAACP Image Award winner, film/TV producer P Frank Williams who brought us the “BET American Gangster” series teamed up and shot a documentary on Mattinson titled “A MADAM’S HEAVEN AND HELL.” It is a compelling behind the scenes look at not only the life of Mattinson and how she got into this line of work but also examines the lives of the women who become escorts, the men who pay for their services and the adventures good and bad of both. The film can be viewed on Vimeo on Demand and by going to

Jodi Mattinson owner of Companions Escorts
    Mattinson has come through a multitude of life experiences starting from being a rebellious teenager in a strict Mormon family household where her dad was a police officer. That progressed on to a wild street life and getting married to an abusive husband who beat her which she finally divorced. Mattinson became an escort and after learning the ropes of the biz ventured out and started her own company. She was set up to run afoul of the law for tax issues with the I.R.S. and spent three years in prison. Her lieutenants kept the ship afloat while she was incarcerated. Upon her release she was back in the saddle and has gotten even bigger than before.

Jodi (2nd left) Parties with her escort ladies

No Players party is complete without Bishop Magic Don Juan 3rd from left


   What did Mattinson learn most from her prison experience? She says, “Honestly, I learned to love myself. I mean when you spend three years alone pretty much; I did a year in the hole where I had no interaction with anybody. I was in a little 5X10 cell with no windows for one year. I learned a lot about me, how strong I was what I could actually go through, survive and still come out with a level head. I had to read a lot of self help books to get me by. It wasn’t easy. I learned who I can and can’t trust. I learned how people really are when you’re at the bottom. A lot of people are only there when you’re doing good and when shit hits the fan they don’t want to be there for you.”

Major success comes from putting in the work
     Mattinson has more than out performed many so-called college degreed Wall Street businessmen in terms of running a business with multi-million dollar profits. Would she consider expanding into to other areas with her skill set? She smiles, “I would love to. It just takes the right opportunity. I’m open minded to anything pretty much as long as the money is right.” Has her parents finally accepted what she does? Again she lights up, “They accepted me years ago when they knew I was going to change this to a positive direction and continue to do this. They accepted it.” And positive is the right word for Mattinson’s “Companions Escorts.” The ladies are under strict guidelines of ethical conduct and abide by all State, County and City laws. They are not hookers by any stretch of the imagination; they are entertainers who provide a fantasy experience for their clients.

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