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Anthony Kelly - Film

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Anthony Kelly - Film

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Anthony Kelley
Debuts In The Gambler
     It is the average actors dream just to get a bit role in their first movie for the experience, exposure and resume credit. Landing a lead role for your first acting job is indeed very rare. Especially if you are paired with a veteran lead superstar actor, the odds are even greater. Well actor Anthony Kelley beat those odds when he won the role of college hoops star Lamar Allen who develops a shady type of relationship with his lit professor Jim Bennett played by Mark Wahlberg. Professor Bennett is an obsessed gambler who gets in too deep with a loan he obtained from the local loan shark godfather. The professor solicits Allen to fix a game to help him out.

Anthony Kelly as Lamar
So what is Kelley’s take on getting the role and how did it happen? He smiles,“It’s a dream come true. My uncle called me about the open casting they were having in Watts and they were looking for real basketball players. I have been pursuing basketball my whole life and I was at a crossroads and was trying to go overseas and was preparing to do a showcase they do every year in July. He called me and told me to come down for the open casting. At first I didn’t want to do it as I am camera shy but I ended up going down there and Sheila Joffre just worked with me for two months 2/3 times a week and went over the lines and played basketball while I recited my lines.”

      What were the major hurdles he had to get over? Kelley reflects, “The most difficult thing was trying to portray the right emotion especially in the classroom scene. That scene alone we had the first two days I was on set and I can actually relate to Lamar and what he is going through. The emotion part was the hardest part.”

Anthony Kelly
Being a rookie on the set how was the treatment from the rest of the cast? Kelley laughs, “I didn’t get any pranks. They were just easy to get into character. It was just so simple for Mark to improvise and go right back into topic.´ Actors do come and go so has he formulated a game plan for his career while staying grounded? Kelley says, “Having Mark and Michael by my side coaching me through all this process and telling me to just be patient was a great help. My friends keep me grounded as well.  I try to stay away from doing anything that can sabotage the brand. As far as going out I act as I am normal person and try to be humble and don’t really talk about the movie unless people bring it up.” 

    Has Kelley received any scripts since his current role and if so, what types are being offered? He’s back to laughing, “I have a movie about a penitentiary in Louisiana. I can’t really talk too much about it. I have been getting roles that are kinda veered away from basketball and athletic stuff. They have been real acting and nitty gritty movies and it’s going to really stretch me to whole another dynamic that I have never done before as far as acting. It’s going to take me out of comfort zone.”

     So is professional basketball behind you now? Kelley laments, “No, but right now it’s taken a back seat. I am in love with acting and love portraying another character and playing it back and seeing I did a really good job.” Does this involve taking more acting classes? He lights up, “Michael K sent me a list of 10 different acting classes and acting coaches and I am actually going to go out to New York to work with his acting coach. I feel like she refined him as an actor and didn’t really change him up too much but just shed more light to what he normally does.”

     The DVD on “The Gambler” is out now on line and in stores. Will there be any surprises that the on screen movie didn’t have. Kelly suggests that you might see him balling up with Mark as he dunked on him a few times. There are interviews also. As far as scenes that were cut all of his scenes were in there.”

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