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Victor Fields - Music

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Victor Fields - Music

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Victor Fields and Regina Records TM

Victor Fields Soulfully

Brings In Valentine’s Day

By Rych McCain

Song Stylist Victor Fields
Smooth urban contemporary vocalist Victor Fields rings in the Valentine season with a new album titled The Lou Rawls Project . It is of course a tribute to the late, great Lou Rawls where Fields reinterprets classic Rawls’ tracks with his soulful, velvet vocals, which have earned him worldwide acclaim and four high charting best selling CDs. The Lou Rawls Project infuses elements of jazz, soul, and R&B to present a fresh and contemporary approach to the tribute collection. Even though the album will feature the Rawls classics such as “The Girl From Ipanema,” “
Natural Man,” and “(I'd Rather Drink) Muddy Water” alongside signature staples like, “You’ll Never Find A Love Like Mine,” “See You When I Get There” and “Lady Love,” Fields’ first single is a heart capturing original ballad titled “Let Me Be Good To You.” It will be released on Valentine’s Day and is sure to melt the hearts of the ladies as well as draw praise from the men. It is by far this columnist’s preferred cut and is sure to be a hit. Fields’ chuckles at that comment with pleasing acceptance and says, “It’s funny you say that because that’s my favorite. I’ll tell you something. When I was recording that I channeled Arthur Prysock. It went like that it was that deep. That first line ‘you have no right to treat me;’ the beginning of it felt like Nancy Wilson kind of a feel but the more I got into it, the tone and the whole phrasing thing I just kept thinking Arthur Prysock . It’s an incredible track.”

  The album was recorded in Minneapolis, London, Nashville and the San Francisco Bay area and was produced by Fields’ long-time musical collaborator, producer/musician Chris Camozzi, and a coterie of legendary Bay Area artists that include: Nelson Braxton, Brian Collier, Skyler Jett, Vince Lars and others. “My purpose is to celebrate the timeless talent of Lou Rawls and the rich musical legacy that he left behind,” says Fields.

    When asked about today’s young artists whose lyrics contain raw and graphic sexual descriptions about what they’ll do to each other in bed etc. vs. mature artists who lean more toward romance rather than rape; what is Fields’ take on that? He says, “As an artist you have to be who you are. For some people it doesn’t fit so they need to do whatever they need to do. But the problem is that people need options and their got to be balance. So it shouldn’t be something where I can’t have a voice because someone has dictated that this is the flavor of the month or the year

so we’re not going to listen to what you say. It actually short circuits the whole system because they’re not listening to what the people want. People want to chose and have options. There should be variety. So you can have all of that stuff. I think that you can partake in these things at your own peril . If you think you can romance a woman with that kind of music it’s at your own peril but what I am discovering is that young women and women in general get tired of the misogyny. They want to be romanticized. 

They want the old fashion put me on the pedestal and treat me like a lady. So that’s what gravitates toward what I do because I’m not in your face with it. I just create a mood or a situation where you can be romantic without being completely sexual. It can be a platonic relationship or loving yourself.  We need to have balance so I can have a voice so I’m not sitting outside the party looking through to window. Art is art but the problem is the decisions that are made in terms of who gets what and what gets herd. That seems to be to problem.”

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