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Tony Cox - Film

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 Tony Cox - Film

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Tony Cox

The Toast of Bad Santa 2!

    It is said that good things come in small packages and they also say it’s not the size of the person but the size of their heart. In the case of veteran actor Tony Cox both statements ring true and then some. He is small in size but his talent is gigantic. In person Cox is one of the nicest, down-to-earth persons one could ever hope to meet. He returns as thief and con man Marcus in Bad Santa 2. The first Bad Santa was such a smash hit domestically and worldwide that eventually they had to make a sequel. And make one they did indeed. The second Bad Santa is loaded with super talent. Besides Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton who reprises his role as Willie Soke, the cheap booze drinking, safe cracking fake Santa; they added Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy winner Kathy Bates as Willie’s butch, criminal, horror story of a mom Sunny Soke. Emmy nominated Cristina Hendricks who plays sexy Diane the charity director and Brett Kelly as Thurman Merman round out the main cast.

Oscar/Golden Globe/Emmy winning Kathy Bates as horrible momma Sunny Soke

Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton and Christina Hendricks

Tony Cox as conman/thief Marcus Skidmore
Cox is a seasoned veteran starring in close to 70 films grossing over 1 billion including Willow, Oz the Great And Powerful, Lord of The Rings, Friday, Me, Myself & Irene, Beetlejuice and Return of The Jedi to name some. It has been thirteen years (2003) since the original Bad Santa hit the screens. With such a huge amount of time between then and now, had anything changed and was it hard for Cox to get back into the role of Marcus. Cox smiles, “No, it was just like nothing had changed, it wasn’t like Brett because he was a kid. But for me it was the same and working with Billy, we just have that chemistry. I think it was the second day when I realized that it all came back. The first day I only had one word to say but that second day it was on. It was the restaurant scene and we just clicked.” 

Tony Cox
Since he was the main character that Billy Bob was bouncing off of, is this a chance to put Cox in a different light as a leading man? He ponders saying, “You always hope for that but it’s tuff for a little person. It’s like being a minority within a minority. They don’t write good roles for little people. When I saw Bad Santa (the original one) and saw those words and all of that profanity, I didn’t think the movie would be made. But at the same time I’m looking at what an opportunity. This movie could change my life in which it did. The first one (Bad Santa) wasn’t written for an African American. It was written for a Caucasian so I appreciate Billy for giving me that opportunity and the director Terry Zwigoff, he was the man. That was God.” Both men insisted that Cox fill the role and he got it. 

L-R Tony Cox, Kathy Bates and Billy Bob Thornton 

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