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LadyLike Foundation Women of Excellence Scholarship Luncheon

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 LadyLike Foundation Women of Excellence Scholarship Luncheon

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The LadyLike Foundation Presents Their 8th Annual

Women of Excellence Scholarship Luncheon
     The lobby of the elegant Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills was buzzing with lovely young girls dressed in their classy pink after five finery greeting arriving guest even though it was the 10 AM hour. The people had arrived to participate in The LadyLike Foundation’s 8th Annual Women of Excellence Scholarship Luncheon. The festivities began with business execs, showbiz celebs and a host of V.I.P’s arriving to walk the red carpet where there they faced a lighting storm of camera flashes and mics aimed at them for press interviews. They then joined a pre-lunch wine reception mixer. 

    The purpose of the gala was to raise funds as well as honor a select pick of individuals for their unique achievements. Among honorees were five high school seniors who received college scholarships. They included:

Laura Williams

 Laura Williams (Redondo High); going to Southern University.


Francesca Walker


Francesca Walker (Harvard Westlake High); going to Columbia University.

Paola Gonzalez

 Paola Gonzalez (Manuel Arts High); going to Going to UCLA 

Alejandra Velasco

 Alejandra Velasco (Academics of Education and Empowerment at Carson Complex); going to UC Berkeley

Jasmine Delgado

 Jasmine Delgado (Granada Hills Charter); going to UC Irvine

Morgan Moore

  Morgan Moore (Westchester High): going to U of Wisconsin-Madison.

 Business professionals honored:  

Marilyn Booker
 Marilyn Booker, Managing Director, and The Urban Markets Group at Morgan Stanley. 

Tonya Winfield
 Tonya Winfield, Business Woman, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist.

Beth Moskowitz
 Beth Moskowitz, Executive Director, Sports Spectacular.

 Celebrities honored included: 

Kelly Roland


 Recording artist/actress Kelly Rowland 

Mel B

 Recording artist/TV personality Mel B. 

Holly Robinson Peete
 Actress Holly Robinson Peete served as the afternoon’s M.C.
Annalise and The Funky Ducks

     Music was by DJ Danno. Annalise and The Funky Ducks performed while designer Isabella Coutre and her models put on a fashion show. A video was shown by Brooklyn Johnson. And of course The LadyLike Foundation Founder/CEO Leah C. Pump close the show with a final address to the crowd.

LaydyLike Founder/CEO Leah C. Pump and daughter Spirit
The LadyLike Foundation’s mission is to educate, empower and inspire young girls from the inner city via cutting edge resource programs, workshops, mentorships and life lessons. They are challenged to reach their highest potential to become successful and refined. This event was magical from start to finish and everyone had a grand time. What was the afternoon like for the founder/CEO Mrs. Leah Pump? She is all smiles and exclaims, “It was absolutely amazing beyond my wildest dreams. All of the support and all of the people and all of the girls;.it was just great.”

2016 LadyLike Foundation Women of Excellence Scholarship Luncheon Honorees

    Pump gave a rousting testimony about how she took her vision for LadyLike from her head and heart and made it into reality. Now that it is real what can she say? She just says, “Wow! And God is so good, he’s amazing.” Pump explains some of the programs they go through. “They do etiquette classes. Every week at a middle school we have a whole curriculum on ladylike; loving themselves, loving others, being appropriate, striving for greatness, yearning to learn, then we have cooking classes, make-up classes and getting into college workshops. It’s a very well rounded program so we touch every area of their lives.”

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