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The Ladies Of "Sisterhood Of Hip Hop" - TV

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The Ladies Of "Sisterhood Of Hip Hop." - TV

By Rych McCain, International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist
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The Ladies of “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop”
Keeping The Game Real!

Photos Courtesy The Oxygen Network

L-R: Nyemiah, Bia, Brianna, Diamond and Siya

     On Tuesday, August 12 (9 PM ET/PT) The Oxygen Network will premiere a new reality series titled “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop.” The show is centered on the dreams, aspirations and challenges of being a female MC in the male dominated rap game. The cast includes female rappers Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme, Siya, Diamond and Bia. Every one of these ladies brings unique talent and skills to the table and they are not only set out to claim their stake in rap stardom but do it in the spirit of empowerment, cooperation and sisterhood as a group. This is what really needs to be seen by our youth who have been psychologically programmed that rappers can’t or don’t get along. The show is produced by 51 Minds with Christian Sarabia, T.I., Rabih Gholam and Roy Orecchio serving as executive producers.


 As with all reality shows, these ladies’ lives will become an open book to millions of viewers. Are they ready for that kind of scrutiny? Brianna responds saying “I think its pretty dope that the world is about to get an open look on us and our grid and everything that we’re doing. We have been working pretty hard. We have a lot of exciting things about to pop off i.e., a lot of new music and visuals so just to have the world be on this journey with us is pretty cool. 

Nyemiah Supreme
I’m excited.” Nyemiah chimes in saying, “I’m really excited/scared at the same time. I’m totally excited for us to get the chance to open up to a whole new audience so it’s not just music listeners it’d TV watchers. And then I am a little scared because I know they get vicious when it comes to TV trying to tear people down but I know they’re going to love our music and love what we have to offer so I’m just totally hyped.” 

      Siya follows saying, “Honestly, I’m speechless.” Siya is openly gay and when asked what kind of challenges that presents to her she explains, “It really haven’t been Challenges’ per say because I am gay, it’s just been the whole image factor. The fact that I won’t change how I look for the hip hop industry or anyone for that matter. I’m very proud of the fact that I am openly gay and I take pride in being the first of my kind. And really, can’t nobody tell me s**t about it so challenges, there really aren’t  any!”
     How was it to deal with cameras being on them all the time while taping the show? Nyemiah laughs, “I went into it just prepared that I will spill out some of the things that I don’t want the world to know and let a bit of my secrets to go. So I mentally prepared myself for this. At first is definitely was a little uncomfortable just trying to have conversations with people like management, family and there’s a camera starring at you. It took a lot of adjustment but by the time we were almost finished I felt like I was a pro at it.

Diamond has accumulated a lot of experience and industry knowledge since her ground breaking days as a member of the platinum hit making group “Crime Mobb.” What would she say to the show’s viewers who are new and trying to break into the game? She advises, “My first thing would be to definitely make sure you always have a lawyer (preferably a music industry attorney) to look over all of your contracts and everything because a smile and a handshake does not match what you think is on a piece of paper because its 90% business, 10% entertainment. Also, never give up, always keep pushing. It’s a male dominated game so it’s hard but if people continue see you keep going no matter what; eventually they’ll learn to respect you.” 

How does the theme of sisterhood play out with the group? Bia explains, “I think it plays into respect and being a woman and having the same core values like we each want to win and it would be great to see other women winning at the top so it’s nothing better than us helping each other to get where we need to go. So I think that’s what sisterhood means at the end of the day.”

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