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Sylvester Stallone - Film

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Sylvester Stallone - Film

By Rych McCain, International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist
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Sylvester Stallone
Keeps The Expendables Momentum Revved Up!

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Sylvester Stallone
He is the first actor/writer/producer in Hollywood history to create and have three highly successful film franchises i.e., “Rocky,” “Rambo” and now “The Expendables.” When this fact is brought up, Sylvester Stallone somewhat shirks it off as just another day at the office. The man lends credibility to the notion that the bigger one is; the less importance they put on themselves. Stallone’s latest installment  “The Expendables 3” on one hand is more of the same from the last two films but on the other hand it brings a fresh facelift with a new set of younger crew members that mix in with the original vets. This adds a whole new dynamic that the fans of the franchise will appreciate while drawing first time younger converts into the fold.


 When asked about the longevity of the franchise Stallone jokes, “After the 5th Expendables you start wearing Dependables. You just keep going.” 


Mel Gibson
In this installment, Mel Gibson plays the master bad guy Conrad Stonebanks who is an international arms dealer among other illicit activities. Stonebanks and Barney Ross (Stallone) were the two who originally formed The Expendables but they split and Ross though he had killed Stonebanks when he crossed over to the other side a decade earlier. A showdown fight scene finally comes to a head. How much fun was it to film that scene? Stallone explains, “It was good. You know it varies in situations in actual sports where you have rivalries get together; two people that have actually done very well in their own world. Then you say I wonder how they would do against each other. So when that finally happens it becomes an event. And yes a contact is made and you do get hurt. Its freezing there (filmed in Bulgaria) the water and you say oh my God I’m not going to do it again but you have to do it again.  So I’ve been looking forward to it. Mel is a great athlete. He’s very fast, very strong and it was great being punched by him.” 
L-R  Harrison Ford and Sly Stallone
Bruce Willis
had played “Church” in the first two films so what happen with this installment where he was not in it and his character was killed off? Stallone says, “Things didn’t work out then Harrison Ford came along. That happens in films and casting. That’s just the way it is; nothing personal. It sounds like it got personal and I’m sorry it did sound that way but it was just actors talking and things move on. I think Bruce Willis is a great guy and he does fantastically entertaining films. When he nails it, he nails it big time.”

Barney (Stallone) leads squad on reconnaissance
     In day and time where there is so much gun violence happening how does Stallone defend making this kind of film? He gives an overview, “First of all there is no blood and ours is so over the top that it isn’t something that you would expect people to repeat. It’s a very sensitive thing and I really don’t know what the answer is. We just try to make it so it looks as though it’s a fantasy. It isn’t real. Some times I think when you make a movie, some movies can get so real then you say hum I can do that. There are not a lot of people that can do what the Expendables can do.”

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