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Kelly Noonan and Joey Kern In "Beneath" - Film

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Kelly Noonan and Joey Kern In "Beneath" - Film

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Kelly Noonan And Joey Kern

Ride The Edge Under Ground In “Beneath”

Photos by IFC Midnight Films

In the coal mining belt of the country, miners and their families are ever aware of the dangers and hazards of going deep into the bowels of the earth to dig out the minerals that are needed for many purposes in industry and commercial use. Every now and then tragedy strikes in the form of a cave-in collapse underground. The new IFC Midnight film “Beneath” is based on a real life coal mine collapse but what really happened to the miners who died down there remains a mystery to this day. Some think something unexplainable may have gotten to them or maybe the lack of oxygen turning into to methane gas could have caused them to go mad and turn on each other to who knows what else. For some this movie will be a horror film and others a suspense thriller.

L Randy (Joey Kern) & Samantha (Kelly Noonan)

     Two of the main characters are Kelly Noonan who plays Samantha Marsh the daughter of George Marsh who is the leader of the minors who go down. Due to his failing health, George is being forced to retire so this will be his final trip down. His daughter Sam decides to go in the shaft with him for his last trip. Joey Kern plays Randy who is Samantha’s ex. She left their small town to go to school and is now a lawyer practicing environmental law. Of course her ex-boyfriend feels less than because he’s just a hick town minor.

Sam (Noonan) in the cave
Considering the danger and drama that unfolded 600 feet underground in the mine, would she actually go that far under ground in a coal mine in real life? Noonan responds, “I don’t know. I don’t think that I would have any desire to go that deep in a mine – no.” At the beginning of the movie Noonan is all fine and the queen bee of the bar room scene but once she goes down in the earth with the all male crew she gets filthy dirty and stays that way for the duration of the flick. What was it like psychologically to be dirty for an entire film? She laughs, “I was very happy on the last day of shooting. I was praying that we didn’t have to re-shoot anything because it got real after a while. 

   How did the make-up people achieve that look? “Oh yeah, it was so funny. I would come in the morning and sit in the make-up chair. They would make me pretty and depending on where we were shooting that day on the script, it was about four different levels of dirty and bloody. They just started whapping me with dirt socks and brushing dirt on my face. It was pretty funny.” Men on the other hand have a different viewpoint on being dirty as Kern explains it, “I love it! “You know it’s so much easier to get into the character when you have something like that, that you can just kind of put on. You have to resign yourself that for the next five weeks or so while you’re shooting this that you are just going to get dirty every day. Those real coal minors get filthy so you really have to kind of like embrace it.” When asked if he would go down in a real mine kern is quick to respond, “Hell no! Especially not after making this movie, I feel it’s like karma. I fell like now if I did go down in a mine something bad will happen.”

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