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Day 26 - Music

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Day 26 - Music

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Day 26
Back In The Saddle!
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     In 2007 MTV aired a new show titled “Making The Band 4” During that first season finale on August 26th the show’s creator music mogul Sean “Ditty” Combs selected five young men to form a singing group named after the 26th day of the show that they were formed. Brian Andrews, Michael McCluney, Qwanell Mosley, Robert Curry and Willie Taylor thus became “Day 26.” They were signed to Combs’ Bad Boy/Atlantic Records. Day 26 released their debut single “Got Me Going” in January of 2008 and in march three months later released their self titled album “Day 26” that debuted a #1 on the Billboard 200 going gold selling 800,000 copies. The second single released in June failed to make the Billboard Hot 100 and only peaked at #52 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop songs chart. Unfortunately a third single was scrapped
  In August of 2008 the group return to the second season of the show titled “Making The Band 4 – Tour,” which saw the break up of their sister group of the show “Danity Kane.” The group followed up with their second album “Forever In A Day” which was released in April 2009 and featured Danity Kane members Dawn Richard and Aundrea Fimbres. Unfortunately the smooth sailing waters became rough and ugly as Que was having disagreements with their manager Screwface and other members of the group and he eventually left the ensemble. In November of 2011 the group released a single “Made Love Lately.” As the old saying goes, if you get a little rip in the fabric it will eventually become a big tear and that is what happened as the group eventually broke up.

By November of 2013 word surfaced via Twitter that the group had reunited. They signed with a new label BMG Rights Management. We caught up with the guys back stage at the BET Music Matters concert at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall in Los Angeles and had a nutty good time. What kind of conversations did the guys have when they decided to come back together so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes that they did initially? Que said and they all agreed, “Keep it all out in front, keep it all out on the table. That was the problem the first time. Keep it all out on 

Day 26 on stage in LA, BET's Music Matters Pre-BET Awards
 the table and keep God first and that’s where we lost it the first time. Not letting other people in. It starts with us five and ends with us five. Not letting nobody else come in on the five and divides it up. So as long as us five take care of what we need to take care of from day one, we’ll be fine.” The group recently dropped their new EP “Return” which is FREE to download and also includes a free 26 page E Book. Brian adds, “We’ve got all hot new music and even got some things on there that the fans requested.” This is definitely a fun loving group to be around. They crack jokes, laugh and easily go with the flow but on the serious side; what would they say to upcoming groups who are subject to outsiders getting into one members ear against the others and the host of other mind games, ego trips etc. that they have to pull through. 

Robert says, “You don’t need them. First and foremost, always put God first in anything that you do. But also educate yourself on this game because you’ll get into this game thinking like things should be a certain way and it’s really not that. But I mean as far as groups are concerned; yo, if that’s your group, you stay true to your brothers or sisters. As long as your group is solid nothing can infiltrate that. But when you start allowing people to come in saying oh you don’t need this person or you can do this by yourself. Of course each and every one of us has experienced that and that’s when things start to unravel. But once you keep your core with your group, nothing can stop that.”

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