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Exhale - TV

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Exhale - TV

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Cruises Into Season Two!

Photos Courtesy of ESPiiRE

     Magic Johnson’s ESPiRE cable network introduced a ground breaking new talk/discussion show last season titled “Exhale” which garnered rave reviews and a ratings winning viewership. According to the “Exhale’s” Executive Producer Lynne Robinson, the show’s format will include intimate, spirited and honest dialogue which can cause laughter or crying via provocative and enlightening discussions. The show has five African American female co-hosts where each brings her unique perspective to the table. They include Rene Syler former anchor for the CBS-TV’s “The Early Show” who is also an author and blogger. Next are Angela Burt-Murray, journalist and former Ed-In-Chief of Essence Magazine; Malinda Williams, actress (Soul Food, The Wood); Erin Jackson, Comedian and Issa Rae, writer and actress.  The show airs weekly on Wednesdays at 8:PM EST.

    When asked what the viewers may expect from the new season Angela Burt-Murray says, “I’m very excited about the second season of “Exhale”. I think it’s a wonderful show that shows another side and dimension to African American women. We have very honest, poignant, funny and relatable conversations about issues that not only impact African American women but the community as a whole.” Erin Jackson adds “What makes “Exhale” special is that you are going to see all of the stars you love, people with faces you know. But because we are weekly, its not just them coming on to promote a book. TV show or Movie, it’s your favorite stars talking about what’s important to them in their real lives. And we (the hosts) know each other a lot better this season so I think the shows are going to be even better than they were our first season. I’m really looking forward to it and I know the viewers are going to enjoy it too.”

    Issa Rae explains, “In addition to the dynamic guest we have on each show and devolving into some of their personal stories that I never would have known just being a fan, I think our (the hosts) relationships have grown stronger. Learning a lot about each of my individual co-hosts has been a joy this season.” Malinda Williams rounds out the crew expressing herself, “I certainly have to agree with all of my co-host. I was a very exciting season this go around. And I quite frankly did not think that we were going to be able to talk our first season because we had such a good time, we had guests and we really engaged in some very relevant conversations. But we managed to do it in the second season. And I think to Issa’s point, we really got to know each other a little bit better. We became a lot more comfortable with each other and also comfortable with speaking candidly about a lot of these topics. I had a really good time and I think our viewers will get even more this season than they got last season simply because we are talking about different things. Again, I think we are a little bit more frank and don’t hold anything back.”

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