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4EY The Future - Music

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4EY The Future - Music

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist
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4EY The Future

New Singing Group On Fire!

L-R: Tre, Meechie & Kenny  4EY The Future
   In this day and age young people especially have become conditioned and accustom the cookie cutter pattern of record labels turning out so-so groups that all look and sound the same. Most are mediocre talent with eye catching videos but when you see and hear them live on stage with out the benefit of the electronic doctoring that happened in the studio to keep them on key and on beat you want to go somewhere and heave. Old school performing where people actually could sing and entertain live basically took a serious dive over the last 20 years but a new generation of real singers is back on the horizon. One of the newer singing groups to emerge is 4EY “The Future” Which is comprised of three super talented young teens Demetrius “Meechie” Harris, Michael “Kenny Iko” Timmons and Anthony “Tre” Garrison. All hail from the Washington D.C. area. Each member had a storied background in performing when their label head Russell Webster of 4Ever Young Music Group put them together. Webster did something that record labels these days don’t do and that is prepare their talent for the biz. The guys went through nearly a year of physical and performance enhancement training to other forms of industry preparedness.

    Then  he loaded the gun with an all star production crew including acclaimed music gurus like Jarod ‘King Beatz’ Barnes (Ron Isley, Sisqo), Nelson Frank (Latoya Luckett, Tank, Ginuwine), Leonard Huggins, Sr. (Melanie Fiona, Keyshia Coles, Jennifer Lopez), Be ‘Girl Wonder’ Gantt (Sophia Green), Santino Rose, and River Dakota among others. Now they are ready to take on the world. This columnist’s favorite 4EY The Future cut is the single “Sugar.” Meechie explains, “Sugar is actually the first song we ever recorded as a group so it’s our pride and joy. It took us two sessions (recording) to get it done. It was so fun because that was our first song and we were still getting to know each other so it was a bonding experience for us too.”

L-R: Meechie, Kenny & Tre  4EY The Future
How did the group come together? Kenny runs it down, “We all were signed to 4Ever Young Music Group. I got signed first then Meechie came on then Russell Webster our CEO had the idea to make us a group and Meechie brought Tre on and that’s how we became 4EY The Future.” Do any of the group members write? Meechie says, “Yes, we all write. We got a little surprise for you coming soon. It’s also part of our artist development program. They teach us how to write and they also teach choreography, vocal lessons, we go through media training everything. So part of the package that 4Ever Young Music Group gives us is writing. So that’s going to be also on our album coming up soon, a couple of songs that we wrote together as a group.”

When one hears the name of established groups certain images come to mind. What is the concept of 4EY The Future? Kenny speaks, “The concept of the group is just fun, young, energetic, loving life, loving music forever young. That’s why it is part of our name also. We are r&b, pop, singing men’s group. We feel like there hasn’t been a group like us in a long time since the New Edition and TLC days were all three of us sing and we have one member of the group Tre Anthony who is also a rapper. And then we also write, model and act. We would like to be a power house group for 4Ever Young Music Group.”

     Check the guys out:

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