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Kathy DiFiore - Film

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 Kathy DiFiore - Film

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Kathy DiFiore
Life Of Dedication Helping Young Girls

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Kathy DiFiore and her shelter babies

     Gimme Shelter” is a newly released movie based on the real life circumstances of pregnant teenage girls who have run away from abusive home situations. Whereas the films stars major Hollywood starts i.e., Vanessa Hudgens, James Earl Jones, Rosario Dawson, Stephanie Szostak, Emily Meade, Ann Dowd and Brendan Fraser while being  written and directed by Ronald Krauss; the subject matter is all too real and based on true life facts. This columnist had to run a feature on the main inspiration for the movie Ms. Kathy DiFiore because the situation on the streets is past critically urgent and attention must be drawn to it now.

     Krauss met DiFiore at the UN where she was being honored for her work with her girl’s teen shelters. He arranged a visit to one of her shelters. What he saw awed him so greatly that he was moved and inspired to make the movie. DiFiore herself has a background story to tell worthy of its own film. As a wife and mother, she broke free of an abusive marriage and found herself homeless and on the street. Fortunately she had her college degrees and state certifications to fall back on and she got back on foot. DiFiore’s assertive return back into the mainstream fueled a strong desire to help others turn their lives around.

Ron Krauss writer/director
     When DiFiore made her home a shelter for pregnant women, the State of New Jersey raided it and levied huge fines for running an illegal boarding house. A devout Catholic, she decided to reach out to none other than Mother Teresa. Together they fought the state and managed to change to law. DiFiore currently runs five shelters in new Jersey that give people a chance to get back on their feet by providing them with education and helping them get jobs. Her shelters are run on 100% donations without any public funding and it has been like that for 35 years.
     When asked how could a runaway teen hook up with one of her shelters, DiFiore says “There are about 550 shelters in the United States for pregnant women. They are on my website www.lifecall.org . The shelters are listed by state with all of the information i.e., their website, address and phone. We also have listed 2200 crisis pregnancy centers by state.” She than asks is that enough? Then she answers her own question – No, it’s not enough, we need more and adds, “So on that website, you’ll see a how to open a shelter kit. Over the years I’ve helped people open about 10 or 12 shelters. I wish it were more. But I have had people as far away as India and China write to me for that kit which I though very intriguing.” 

L-R: Kathy DiFiore, James E. Jones, Vanessa Hudgens and Ron Krauss
     For those reading this article who want to financially undergird DiFiore’s shelters you can go to the above mentioned www.lifecall.org website or she has another website www.severalsources.net . DiFiore says, “It talks about the organization more and what makes us tick including our work overseas. It will also talk about my new book which will be coming out in about a month or so which talks about the making of the movie at the shelter, nine “Apples” referring to the nine women at the shelter titled ‘Gimme Love, Gimme Hope, Gimme Shelter.’ The reason I did that was to inspire people to open shelters. This will be a great resource for someone who’s never worked to help pregnant women.” DiFiore attributes her dedication to this line of work from the joy she receives and the blessings of God. For anyone reading this interview who knows of a young lady who is pregnant (or not) and in dire need to get off of the streets, contact DiFiore through her website.

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