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Yossi Dina Pawnbroker To The Rich And Famous - TV

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Yossi Dina Pawnbroker To The Rich And Famous - TV

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist
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Yossi Dina

Pawn Broker To The Rich And Famous!

Photos via Reelz Channel and RMHN

Yossi (center) and his angels, L-R: Dominique, Aria and Cory
          Usually, the term “pawn shop” carries the connotation of a place where people who are down on their luck have to go to receive a cash loan by putting up their valued personal items as collateral. In most cases pawn shops are small family owned business that cater to the community where they are located and the size of the loans per the value of the item are not something out of the ordinary. 

Yossi in front of his famous store
However, in the case of Yossi Dina, the pawn broking business involves financial transactions that reach into the mega-millions! Dina is the pawn broker to the rich and famous via his store “THE DINA COLLECTION” located in the heart of Beverly Hills. On any given day, a starlet or high roller seeking discreet financial relief will come to Dina. Or they will come to buy and sell fine art, estate jewels, Hollywood memorabilia and rare gems.

    The goings on that transpire from the day to day transactions conducted at the Dina Collection amongst the wealthy and famous clientele are so intriguing they have inspired a TV reality show “Beverly Hills Pawn” on The Reelz Channel starring of course Owner Yossi Dina and his angles Dominique, Cory and Aria. The show premiers Wednesday, June 5 at 9 ET/6PT and 11ET/8PT and will air in the same time slots throughout the season. 

   Dina is fascinating man who is very warm, cordial, sincere and out going. Because of the millions of dollars that have circulated through him via his buying and selling and having a clientele that includes some of the wealthiest people on earth; he could easily have an air or snob attitude. One immediately feels a relaxed, professional and cordial atmosphere upon entering the doors of “The Dina Collection” from the staff, Yossi’s Angels and the man himself. 
Michael Jackson's "Thriller" & "Beat It" Grammys

The items he has for sale will literally blow you away. We are talking about Michael Jackson’s Grammys for “Thriller” and “Beat It.” to matching earrings and necklace once owned by super beauty Elizabeth Taylor worth several million. 
Matching earrings & necklace once owned by Liz Taylor






  Dina was born in Israel and reared on a Kibbutz. He is a former Israeli army captain and intelligence officer and started his career in Paris. He eventually moved to Los Angles where he began his trade selling jewelry door to door making many friends along the way who are still his clients to this day. When asked to describe his place of business, Dina beams with well deserved pride, “First it is an amazing place because it is different. You don’t see a place like that anywhere in the world. What you have is here, you see everything; Hollywood memorabilia, I have music and sports stuff, I get luxury cars, jewelry, diamonds, anything. What ever you want on Rodeo Dr. you will find over here. Plus I give low buy and sell, I give loans. I love to trade, I love to deal.”

Dina and Cory serving a patron
When ask to elaborate on his personal philosophy of doing business, Dina explains, “You have to be a giving person. If you give, you will eventually get. I believe in that. I believe in God. I believe if you give you get eventually and if you trust people. Listen, I’ve gotten burnt many times but you see, I made ten, lost a dollar. I believe in good to give, get burned a bit and continue” Dina says he can look into people’s eyes and tell within three seconds if they came to do honest business or are cons. He also says there is no embarrassment when a major star comes in for money because it’s all business and everybody needs money. He makes them very comfortable and the transaction is discreet. The TV show was actually fifteen years in the making because Dina kept turning them down because he didn’t want a production company coming in, telling him how to run his shop and taking a chance to ruin his business. The Reelz Channel people had the correct approach and the rest as they say is history. Viewers are in for an eye opening experience in the world of Beverly Hills big money high wheeling and dealing!

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