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Onata Aprile - Movie

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Onata Aprile - Movie

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist 
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Onata Aprile

Showing Acting Brilliance Early!


     Millennium Entertainment has just released a movie titled “What Maisie Knew” which is an adaptation from the 19th century novel by Henry James of the same title. The storyline is taken from the viewpoint of Maisie who is a young child in the middle of a divorce split between two neglectful, immature parents who are wealthy. 

Onata Aprile's lead film debut as "Maisie"
  Debuting in her first on screen starring role as Maisie is seven year-old Onata Aprile who was six when she shot the movie. Aprile amazingly carries the entire movie appearing in just about every scene. Her acting is so natural and believable that the movie viewers have the pleasure of focusing on the trials and tribulations that this innocent child has to endure with full attention and enjoyment. With so many children stepping up to the plate carrying lead roles over the years, one would think that The Academy who dishing out the coveted “Oscars®” annually would take note and create a category for these unusually talented youngsters, instead of lumping them in with adults where they don’t stand a chance. Aprile’s on screen brilliance in portraying “Maisie” would definitely make her an eligible candidate for “Oscar®” consideration.

Onata Aprile and Alexander Skarsgard
     So what was it like having her own movie? The shy and playful Aprile says, “It’s really fun.” Did Aprile understand the complex situation her character was in? Aprile quickly says “Yes.”  What would she think would happen to a little girl like that in real life? After all, Aprile is only seven so she understandably says, “I don’t know.” Scott McGehee one of the co-directors for the film said “That was kind of the real life of Maisie for this particular little girl in this particular moment in her life. That’s how we talked with Onata about the part. With her great talent as an actress, she had the ability to listen and understand the scenario and what the story really is and then she could be that, pretend and live that thing.

Onata and Julianne Moore
     What was Aprile’s favorite scene to shoot? She smiles, “My favorite scene was when we were at the beach house and the scenes where we had the turtle.”  In fact, Aprile kept the turtle after filming was complete, named her Talula and still has her at home. How did this child get into acting so young? She takes a nice 360 swivel in her Millennium Entertainment conference room chair and explains, “My mom was acting too and I went in with her. I was just turning four then and I asked if I could do it.” When the director instructs her to have a certain mood or attitude, is it easy for Aprile to do it. She lights up, “Yes, it’s easy.” Well folks, she is a natural actress. Aprile attends regular grade school in New York City. However she kept her film project a secret from her friends. Does Aprile like doing interviews? “She says “Yes.”

     And of course, as with all of the bright and talented children I personally interview throughout the year, Onata Aprile has been immediately drafted into Rych McCain’s Media Family of Talented Youth!

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