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Chelsea Tavares - TV

Chelsea Tavares
 Young, Sexy, Fast Rising Hollywood Starlet!

By Rych McCain, International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

Chelsea Tavares (Photo Courtesy ABC Family Network)
    “You either have it or you don’t” is an old clich√© that has been quoted in show business since the dawn of its beginnings. The general consciences amongst the major studio power brokers as well as the general ticket buying public has long supported the notion that an entertainer, a female in particular, who has the acting, dancing and singing talent on top of charm and sensuousness with fine, sexy looks to mach is a complete dream package in Hollywood! Given the right projects with the proper strategic marketing and promotion, one has the ingredients of a mega-star and the monetary rewards that accompany it. Young acting starlet Chelsea Tavares is such a package described above and is rising fast to the forefront of Hollywood superstardom!

     Her current role as Jordan Randall on the ABC Family network drama series “Make It Or Brake It” has her playing a gymnast who is an outcast and rebel. Tavares gets to showcase many personality sides with this role i.e., sexy vixen, sassy “B”, serious competitor, friend and enemy. Tavares is a veteran actress starting as a child modeling and doing commercials. She starred on stage in “The Lion King” as young Nala and may be best known as Cranberry on the Nickelodeon series “Unfabulous.” She also starred as Autumn on “Just Jordan” another Nickelodeon show and had a recurring role as Andrea on The CW series “Ringer.” Tavares other guest roles include “CSI Miami,” “The District” and the film “Fright Night” to name some. She has been named on yours truly, “Rych McCain’s Annual Top Ten List of Hollywood’s Most Talented Youth and is a permanent member of Rych McCain’s Media Family. 

     Tavares plays the role of a gymnast so convincingly you may assume that she has actually competed in real life. Does she have an athletic background? She lets out a giggle, “No I just danced. I took musical theater in high schooland middle school and I played softball but not in a league. I just danced.” What roll of the dice landed Tavares the part of Jordan especially being Black? She reflects, “You know what. When I first auditioned for it, I didn’t think I was going to get it at all. I just thought ‘I don’t think I booked it.’ I had that feeling and then they called me and I got it. It was only for three episodes but they kept me for the rest of the season. Yeah, it was exciting because I didn’t know that they were going to go Black! And then when I booked it I went oh my God, the coach is Black too. So I said OK, bring color to the TV show. I’m really excited about that. Her character is really dramatic and very beautiful.”

     Tavares was stage trained with a real life gymnastics coach to get the look and feel of a real gymnast. As she put it, “I have to run correctly, land correctly and I have a stunt double who was an Olympian. So how much of the real actor do we see in the routines vs. the stunt double? Tavares laughs, “When ever you see me on the floor and the beam, that’s me because its mostly dance choreography until you see the tumbles and flips in the air, then that’s the stunt double. The bars? You’ll just see me land because I can’t do everything on the bars.” Doing a physical role is way different than one that is straight dramatic. How does Tavares run it down? She becomes animated, “It is difficult. It is difficult because you have to learn your lines. Say I’ll do my choreography right? You have to learn all of that, afterward make sure the moves are right, make sure I’m looking like a gymnast, hold my hands as a gymnast than on top of that, go into my lines and do it at the same time. So you have to mult-task and it is kind of hard but you get used to it when you are training everyday. The girls taught me a lot of stuff to. They were really sweet.” The show airs on Mondays 9/8C on the ABC Family Network.

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