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Regina Hall - Movie

Regina Hall
Sensuously Building A Legacy Of Style Her Way!

By Rych McCain, International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

     She may have the sexiest set of eyes in show business that are set in an angelic face that is hard not to sneak a second look at, if not just plain gawk! Actress Regina Hall is the gorgeous girl-next-door type that leaves a memorable impression whether it is in person or on the big or small screens. The Washington, D.C. native plays the role of Candace, a single mom with a son who becomes involved with Momma’s boy Michael (played by Terrence J) in the new Screen Gems movie “Think Like A Man.” The film is based on the New York Times best selling book “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man,” written by comedian, actor, nationally syndicated radio host Steve Harvey.

Regina Hall (Photo Courtesy of Screen Gems Pictures)

     In the movie, Candace has to deal the a serious momma’s boy who she wants a relationship with but his momma dominates and controls his life to the point that things get to the breaking point. How did Hall approach playing this particular role? She explains, “I have a lot of friends who have kids and are single moms so you want to be respectful of that portrayal. Especially since I happen to be a Black woman, I already know what stereotypes exist out there. So I kind of wanted to show her loving side but also the side of her that’s still a woman and entering a relationship and trying to figure out how that works in her life with a man who loves his momma too.”

     Jennifer Lewis plays Loretta the dominating mom from hell. It had to be a gas working with her. Hall lights up saying, “Jennifer is great. I knew her outside of the movie so to work with her is great. She’s a very rich, lively, animated, warm human being. She’s real!” Does Hall think a real life momma’s boy can snap out of it given the right situation or woman? She smiles, “I think he (Michael & mom in the movie), had a real realization and so did his mom that you know what, in order for him to have a successful relationship and ideally there is someone that you meet in life that causes you to re-examine thoughts and behaviors that you had. I’m sure it won’t be easy. He’ll probably slip back into his tendencies but I think people can always evolve.” What was Hall’s reaction to be paired with Terrence J as her love instruct? “She laughs, “He was naturally great from the table read on. I was so pleasantly surprised. There isn’t anybody who I think could have done better because I loved the way he played it. I saw it first at the table read. He was so charming you see why she falls in love with him. Part of probably what made him so great was that he was a momma’s boy. He (Terrence J) was so natural in that character. So when they put the suit on him in the first scene which we shot on the last day I said aw, that’s all me right there.”

     This project is loaded with a lot of Hall’s personal friends in real life. How do they separate the real from the pretend on set? She exclaims, “We’re friends and I think sometimes what’s great about that is when you are friends in real life, that actually translates to a scene or to a character. In this film, Tarji and I were friends but so different. But what was great is that those women thought differently, they were different financially, one had a kid and one didn’t but you could actually believe they were friends in real life. I think part of that synergy was because Taraji and I really do like each other. It helps motivate us to have fun working together and get to look forward to it, make a couple mistakes, you laugh about it. It makes it nice and organic.”

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