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Shannyn Sossamon Sinister 2 - Film

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Shannyn Sossamon Sinister 2 - Film

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Shannyn Sossamon

Delivers The Chills In Sinister 2 

     Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning horror film producer Jason Blum has released a string of scary films that have been so successful, most became franchised. He started with the super low budget Paranormal Activity followed by Insidious, Sinister, The Purge and Ouija which combined have gross over $1.4 billion worldwide. Paranormal Activity is in the record books as the most profitable film in Hollywood history because it was made for a mere $15,000 and grossed $200 million worldwide.  Blum’s latest offering is Sinister 2 which of course picks up where the original left off. 

Shannyn Sossamon as Courtney Collins
      This version’s star is Shannyn Sossamon who plays Courtney Collins, the mother of twins who become involved with the dreaded evil demon Bughuul (Nick King) and his small posse the ghost kids. As expected, there are several twist and turns that the viewing audience will try to figure out only to be surprised by a different outcome.

Courtney painting chair
     In this film, Sossamon's
character Courtney goes
through a barrage of
emotions. She has moved
to an isolated farm house to escape the clutches of her jealous, abusive, mean tempered, knuckle head husband while at the same time having to deal with a private detective hell bent on destroying the evil demon Bughuul and Bughuul with his band of ghost kids getting inside her twin children's head causing them to start acting weird.

Courtney encounters an unpleasant surprise
     After shooting with all of that confusion going on, what kind of mindset did Sossamon have when she went home at night? She cracks up saying, “There was a lot of laughing on set so that helped. It relieves tension a little bit though out the day so that helps.” Does Sossamon like the horror genre as an actress? She explains, “ It’s funny, I’m not a horror fan. I don’t like them really at all. So I feel like they just come to me probably because of the way I look. Just because I have dark hair and dark eyes, they assume only people with dark eyes and dark hair and dark features are like well suited for these intense pictures. And that’s true, I do have access to a lot of those feelings but it’s also like gees, there are other colors. But I did like the two very worried mother parts (Wayward Pines) (Her last movie) and Sinister 2 two back to back. So it will be nice in Sleepy Hollow (her next film) to get to play a lit bit of a different area.”

Bughuul's ghost kids gather outside and are up to no good
      Because she is the mother of two boys in real life, Sossamon’s intensity in some scenes was a little intimidating to the children playing her twin sons especially Dylan because he played the part of the twin that was the one the dad had abused. 

The spooked out twin
  Sossamon said, “I wasn’t pretending to grab him hard, I was holding him like he was my own. And I would always tell him before we shot I’m going to hold you really tightly right now because the scene calls for it so I just really need you to work with me here.”

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