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Project Almanac - Film

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Project Almanac - Film

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Project Almanac

  When a tech nerd wizard student named David discovers a set of blueprints in his home’s basement for a mysterious device that can alter time and induce time travel he builds it and starts to experiment. When he discovers all of the wonderful things it can do, he turns several of his closest friends on to it. After seeing that they can travel ahead or back in time, the teens get testy and see if they can alter bad events by going back in time to prevent those events from happening. They go back and alter a couple of events but they soon learn that when they alter an event in time, everything else surrounding it gets altered as well, It doesn’t take long before they are in well over their heads. They soon create more problems than they solved by messing with historic time lines.

L-R Allen Evangelista (Adam) Jonny Weston (David) Sam Lerner (Quinn) and Virginia Gardner (Chistina)

      The movie stars Jonny Weston as (David the tech wiz) and his friends Sofia Black-D’Ella; (Jesse who is one of the prettiest girls at David’s high school); Sam Lerner (Quinn); Allen Evangelista (Adam) and Virginia Gardner (Christina).The film is directed by Dean Israelite; written by Andrew Deutschman and Jason Pagan and produced by Michael Bay.

David (Jonny Weston) smooches up Jessie (Sofia Black-D'Ella)
     In this era of re-makes for many of the present day films, is it more of a challenge to promote a completely original brand like this film? The director Dean Israelite responds saying “We’ve (the film business) have had a couple of original things happen in the last couple of years. So it is always a challenge to take something that doesn’t have a lot of people knowing about it going into it. But Paramount did a fantastic job marketing it so we knew that this concept was one that was really fun so you just kind of hope that there’s a different way in and that this is something people already know about.”One of the film’s writers Jason Harry Pagan chimes in; “The awareness always starts low when you have an original movie. You have to get out there and hit the ground everywhere and educate people about the movie.”

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