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RaVaughn - Music

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RaVaughn - Music

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 Sultry And Sass Has Arrived!

     To the public she was relatively new when she came out last year but this singer/songwriter has been burning rubber for a minute behind the scenes. RaVaughn has sung background for Celine Dion, Natasha Bedingfield and Jennifer Hudson to name some and has written songs for several major artists including the first single “Right Here” (Departed) for Brandy’s 2008 album “Human.” RaVaughn is a native of Los Angeles but went to college in New York where she made it to the finals at “Show Time At The Apollo” and did a ton of demo work in the Big Apple. 

Upon her return to tensile town she resumed doing demo work and one night received a late, last minute call to come do a session for a writer. When she arrived at the studio, to her shock, the writer was R&B superstar Ne-Yo. Needless to say that he loved what he heard that night and quickly had her doing more demo work which eventually lead to him signing her to his production company Compound University. They then took her to Columbia Records where she was quickly signed. RaVaughn has released two singles “Better Be Good” ft Wale and “Best Friend.”

     What can we expect in the upcoming months production wise? RaVaughn lights up, “I’m working on a new EP right now. I’m making new sounds, new music I’m really excited to get it out. Hopefully summertime it will be out.” RaVaughn’s sound is described in many different ways as a mixture of hip hop, pop and rock. What are the contributing factors to that? She explains, “I can give credit to me doing demos for so many different artists. I did demos for Kelly Clarkson, Brandy, Allison Iraneta, Keyshia Cole, it was a lot of different people so I learned about my voice when I was doing those demos. I didn’t even know I could sing it at that point. Now it’s just about making feel good music. I don’t want to limit myself to one genre. I feel like music is just music and that’s what it is. Whatever you get in the studio and do is what you should put out. What you feel is what you should put out.” 

RaVaughn live on stage at the Pre BET Awards Concert Series in LA
RaVaughn had the good fortune to do a live show with Kendrick Lamar. What was that experience like? She laughs, “Actually, it was so much fun getting to work with him and knowing that we are from neighboring cities, he’s from Compton and I’m from Carson, just knowing that we were on the show together. On one of the shows we did, I was the only female and that felt really good of course. It was Kendrick, 2 Chains and a lot of different guys. Being able to be up there with somebody from my home town you know; when you go anywhere out of the State it’s like you’re from LA, we gotta cling together.  I love working with him, I love his music and I’ve always been a fan.” She also was a headliner for the pre BET Awards Show concerts presented free at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall Promanade in Los Angeles.

The gorgeous Brown sisters L-R: RaVaugh and Rhyon
As a personal note from this columnist, RaVaughn is the big sister to actress Rhyon Brown (Lincoln Heights), who has been in my youth media family forever and is now a grad of The University of Southern California. I love the Brown family sisters and will enjoy witnessing both of their rises to the top in this biz.

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