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Love Dollhouse - Music

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Love Dollhouse - Music

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist
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Love Dollhouse
Superstardom Looms And History Repeats!

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L-R: Jasmine, Ryan, Chelsea  Love Dollhouse

          This columnist has personally wondered over the years what it is like to be there in the beginning when a new musical act emerges on the scene. What were the situations, early gigs and changes that the new artists went though before they became megastars? How fascinating it would have been to have hung around The Supremes, Destiny’s Child or TLC right after they were signed and watch their journey to the top unfold right before your eyes? That kind of observational opportunity comes once in a blue moon so in the case of the new vocal girl group “Love Dollhouse,” this columnist has that rare chance to see the unknown girl group turned superstars phenomenon happen again and history repeats its self.

L-R: Ryan, Chelsea and Jasmine
Ryan, Jasmine and Chelsea are “Love Dollhouse.” They are all 19 and from Detroit. Like other groups, they have gone through a couple member changes and the usual ups and down associated with trying to make it. The group started with Ryan who met Jasmine in middle school and formed a bond over singing. They wanted a trio so over the ensuing years saw several third members come and go, recorded demos with various local producers and finally secured a good manager. In June of last year they held auditions and Chelsea came aboard. These ladies have the looks, the vocals and the dance moves but more than that they are dedicated and serious about their craft. In doing this interview I also found them to be fun loving, laugh a lot and relate in such a down to earth fashion. You wouldn’t know they were in showbiz in a different setting.

Their new single “Can I,” is right on the money for something new. It’s funky, has an infectious beat that will have you grooving even if you aren’t dancing. It’s about a lady taking the initiative to let a guy know she is interested but in a tactful way keeping her integrity and class. The YouTube video already has over a half million hits and this cut is shaping up to be

be a smash summer hit and “Love Dollhouse” will be a known big time by fall by fall.

L-R: Russell Simmons & Steve Rifkind All Def Music 52
Hailing from the city world famous for Motown Records, what is the current music scene like there? Ryan says, “There are so many talented people in Detroit and they are all just coming up I feel like and a lot are coming out with new music including us. People in Detroit are being discovered and we can finally say look at all of the talent in Detroit. Actually it has always been that way, it’s awesome.” Chelsea chimes in saying “Detroit will be right back on the map very, very soon.” How did the hook up with Russell Simons happen? Jas explains, “We actually signed with Steve Rifking through SRC and he then started a joint label with Russell and we signed with him as well.”

     What was their experience like performing live at the BET Matters concert at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall out door plaza? “Ryan lights up, “It’s great! We got to perform, we’re excited. This is our first show in LA so we were just excited period.” Chelsea adds, “The crowd was expecting something so we had to come. At the end we had fun. It was amazing and we were so blessed to be a part of this.” The group is currently working on their debut album and you can look for them on tour in the future. “Love Dollhouse” has definitely arrived!

Love Dollhouse on stage in LA

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