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Erica Hubbard - TV

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Erica Hubbard - TV

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Erica Hubbard

Charms The Little Screen With Class!

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Erica Hubbard
  Staying busy with work as an actor is a lofty chore in tensile town. So when one is blessed enough to land two series back to back that have lasted four seasons each, this is really something to tell the captain. Erica Hubbard has had roles come and go but the two series thing is rare especially for actors of color. Fans will fondly remember Hubbard as Cassie Sutton on The ABC-Family Network’s hit drama series “Lincoln Heights,” that ran for four seasons. Now she is the mainstay younger sister Kita Whitmore on the hit BET series “Let’s Stay Together,” which has entered its fourth season. It is very rare for a series to last four seasons these days considering that the average pilot is lucky to get picked up then only see five episodes air before being cancelled. What factors does Hubbard attribute to her show’s longevity? She reflects, “I’m so happy to say that I have been on two series that have been on for four years or more because there is a formula. Most definitely it starts with the writing. When you have brilliant writers and a talented cast and crew, it all works. When you do these productions you just can’t put this stuff together. You can’t just hire this friend and that friend; you really have to pick people who are talented.”

     Hubbard explains the magic formula further. “When it comes down to writing, people must have stories to tell and brilliant stories so we can act them out and perform them and people can be intrigued by our performances. And also the chemistry. I know this year people are tweeting me about Kita and Troy, Kita and Troy. So I love working with Christian Keyes who plays my love interest and I think chemistry is the best component you can have when you’re casting and when you are actually working on a production. You have to be able to love and like the person that you’re working opposite with and it brings something to life. When I did “Lincoln Heights,” I really, truly enjoyed working with Robert Adamson who was my love interest Charles on that show. So a well rounded cast will help production last many, many seasons.”

Erica Hubbard as Kita Whitmore
  Of course having one of Al Green’s biggest hits “Let’s Stay Together” was a slick attention getter for the show to kick it off. Hubbard agrees saying, “I absolutely agree with you that titles mean everything. It’s catchy (the show’s title), and basically it speaks for itself let’s stay together. And that’s what we’re trying to send out to the community. Everybody in a relationship work it out and I think people get it.” 
    Every individual in Hollywood who made it had their own way of doing it. There are no set a rules, procedures or secrets. What would Hubbard suggest for those Hollywood hopefuls who plan to venture out? She laughs, Hang around people who are already established in the industry. Professional business people; hang around and see if you can get mentored by them. Personally, I did a lot of theater and you had people in there who already had agents and managers and were working professionals. They always referred me saying you should see this person or that person. So I stayed busy doing a lot of stage work with this group called “Town Street” theater and I got a lot of mentors from that organization and ended up working doing a lot of television and film from referrals and people requesting me from seeing me on stage.” 

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