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Cocoa Brown - Film

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Cocoa Brown - Film

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Cocoa Brown

Keeps The Bright Side Going!

Photos Courtesy of Lionsgate

Cocoa at Mom's Club Premiere
  It is strange how the comic makes everyone laugh and feel good but who makes the comic laugh? Comedienne, actress Cocoa Brown has been hitting them so rock solid hard on stage with her in-your-face style of comedy that her female fans have nick named her “The Truth.” The Newport News, Virginia native honed her skills as a comedy writer in the beginning and it led to her breaking in as a stand-up comic. She eventually made her way as a cast regular on Tyler Perry’s TV series “For Better Or Worse” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. Brown’s newest project is a starring role as Lytia in Tyler Perry’s “The Single Moms Club” which is his last film for Lionsgate Studios. Brown’s character has already lost two sons to prison and she is determined to see that her youngest son stays on the strait and narrow on his way to being somebody in life so she is a wee bit overprotective of him and he doesn’t like it.

   Of course one can say that Brown’s character Lytia leans toward the stereotypical hard Black mother side but Brown explains, “Yes there are definitely some stereotypes in Lytia but what I love about it is that you get to see those layers peeled down. A lot of times we have to be strong and we have to be brash because we’ve been hurt so much and when we are rearing children especially boys by ourselves, the last thing you are going to let your little boy to see is weakness. So a lot of times it can transfer into our everyday relationships with other adults but what I love about my character is that you get to see those layers peel of Lytia and you see the softer side of her. And a lot of women that you think are stereotypical Black mother who are strong, loud and all of that, trust and believe there’s another layer to her. It’s just up to you if you want to get to know it.”

I+R: Zulay Henao, Cocoa Brown and Nia Long
      Brown has been through some trying personal times. She runs it down, “When I had gotten hired for “Better or Worst” I had just gotten married. I was a newly wed. Then I was pregnant while we were filming the second season and in the third season I was going through a divorce. When we were shooting the movie (moms club) is when I had made up my mind to leave my husband. Then when we started filming I told him you got how many weeks we are filming to get out. 

Terry Crews as Branson, Lytia's love interest
That is literally what I was going through and I became a single mother. My nanny and my son came to Atlanta and that was it. So for me it was like life imitating art. It’s so funny, there is a scene in the truck where everybody was sharing some really deep personal moments and I remember when it came to my scene, Mr. Perry stopped filming and said come here and pulled me aside. He goes ‘I know what you are going through. Use that. Don’t be afraid. I know Cocoa that you are a stand-up and you love being funny and making people happy and laugh but honey you don’t have to do that here. I know you are hurting. Use this scene to purge that.’ And I’m so glad he gave me that permission. Because when I first came on Better or Worse, he wanted funny Cocoa. When I started to read Single Moms Club I thought he wanted funny Cocoa. Even with the words on the script giving me something deeper I still thought he wanted funny Cocoa. So when he gave me that permission to let that pain out, I was able to purge so much of my pain in that movie.”

   On a lighter note, Look for Brown’s “Don’t Judge Me” comedy tour that will be coming you way soon.

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