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Queen Latifah - TV

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 Queen Latifah - TV

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Queen Latifah

Cruses Into The 2014 Season

Queen Latifah
  She made the highest ratings debut among new talk shows for the 2013-2014 season last year and held that position all year and is now poised to repeat the same accomplishment with the renewal of her second season for 2014. Of course we are talking none other than the ever popular Queen Latifah and the “Queen Latifah Show.” Latifah serves as not only the hostess but is also a co-executive producer through her Flavor Unit Entertainment Company in partnership with Jada Pinkett Smith and her Overbrook Productions Company and Sony Pictures Television Productions. The show is shot on the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, CA.

Famed Living Room Set
  Did Latifah share any of her personal life victories with her audiences in the first season and how does she connect? She pauses for a second to reflect then says, “There are so many triumphs. If could be making it through a tough time in my life or making it through the loss of a loved one. I think wherever I do connect with someone; where ever I feel like I can relate to someone it can be talked about. I think I will share as it feels natural and that’s the connection to people. I feel like we have more in common then we tend to have differences. I also find the differences to be very interesting.” 

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Latifah has a calm but stern demeanor that keeps her pretty even keel in term of staying humble. Where does she dig to maintain that? She laughs, “I work at it. I work at trying to stay humble because it’s not like sometimes I don’t feel like saying man, I’m Queen Latifah, really, do I have to do the dishes tonight? Why do I have to do dishes? But then I think you should be lucky you have a dish to eat off of. As soon as I start to get supped up about it then God hits me with some little message. I have a lot of ways in which I try to stay humble. Number one, I’m very close to my family and my friends and they keep me real and they keep it real with me. They pat me on my back when I do a good job and smack my hand when I do badly. But never the less they love me and that’s more important to me than having a Hollywood career or having fame and making a lot of money. Having their love and respect is more important to me.”
  Latifah also adds, “ And I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m not perfect and knowing that it’s hard for me to get too arrogant or too conceded especially knowing that I didn’t get here by myself. I’ve been very blessed and had a lot of help along the way. I have people pray with me. I don’t want to be a complainer. That’s one trait I don’t want to develop.”  Where does Latifah see her show going this sophomore season? “My personal goal for the show is to really make it a huge hit – bottom line. I just want it to be something people look forward to watching every single day. I want it to be must see TV. It has to be that kind of show that you’ve got to see. As a host, I just want to be excellent at what I do and I want to get better and better.” In addition to her hosting duties Lafiah will continue to perform as well.

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