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Jacob B. Wright - TV

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Jacob B. Wright - TV

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Jacob B. Wright

Conquering Hollywood One Stunt At A Time!

Jacob B. Wright (Photo Andre B. Murray)
Most TV and Movie viewers love the action they are enjoying on screen but few pay attention to, or even know the stunt people performing in those scenes. They risk life and limb in some cases to achieve super physical effects that wow us beyond imagination. Jacob B. Wright is a Hollywood stuntman whose star is beginning to shine on TV and movie sets. Wright has always been physical and athletic from a child. He earned an athletic scholarship to UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas) where he competed in gymnastics. After receiving his degree in psychology and business management he took courses in computer animation and graphic design at Art Institute of Las Vegas then headed for LA.

Wright in high fall training
    How did he get into doing stunts? Wright laughs, “When I first moved out to LA I was originally a dancer because I could slip and do break dancing. I slowly made that transition into to stunts because the dance career didn’t take off as much as I would have liked it to. So a few of my buddies who were transitioning from dance to stunts as well were saying hey man if you are unhappy with how dance is going maybe you should try stunts. You’re very athletic. And then if kind of went from there with me going to all of the different training clinics, taking driving courses, fair fall and high fall courses which are kind of underground. You have to be invited to it. You have to do a lot of leg work and getting your name creditable enough to where people feel like they can vouch for you and get you into these types of classes. That’s kind of how my journey took off. From a young guy flipping off of his grandmother’s porch to being in front of green screens, driving and all of that fun stuff. So when I look back, it’s an incredible, amazing journey.”

   Wright is currently the stunt double for superstar funnyman Kevin Hart on BET’s “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” When asked about his adventures on the show he runs it down, “The show is just incredible. It’s a very high energy show mainly because we have a lot of the cast that are young talent and the experience that they have. It’s mostly acomedy show so that energy and that wittiness has to be there for everyone to make the show a success. I enjoy it a lot, it’s awesome.”

(R) Kevin Hart  (L) Jacob B. Wright
Kevin is the one who gets physically handled a lot on the show, is that a lot of work for the stuntman? “Wright explains, “It’s funny because everyone is dogging on Kevin on the show. He is getting beat up or taken down in almost every episode. So as far as me being a stunt person on the set, my main focus just to be there and take the brunt end of Kevin’s abuse. On any stuff where he can actually be compromised, that’s when they throw me in there and let me use my experience to make sure the scene gets done correctly.”

     Does Kevin get amusement out of watching Wright do his thing and then it looks like him in the finished product on screen? Wright gets a chuckle out of this, “He gets a kick out watching how it’s all done and set up. I think part of him wants to be able to actually do the stunt but some people are trained for it and some aren’t.” In terms of staying in shape for stunt work Wright advices, “There are no days off basically. You have to be developing your skills one way or the other. If you are not on set, you need to be in the gym, you need to be training, you need to be learning something new just so you can stay well rounded and healthy is the main thing.”

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