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Sydney Park - TV

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 Sydney Park - TV

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Sydney Park

Adding The Razzle As Gabby On “Instant Mom!”

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The Cast of "Instant Mom" L-R: Sydney Park, Michael Boatman, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Damarr Calhoun, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Tylen Jacob Williams.

     Entering show business at a very young age is a tricky proposition at best. Most children who do it are either pushed into it by one or both parents who believe their little adorable “poopsy-woopsy” is the cat’s meow and the world anxiously awaits their debut on the big or little screen with baited breath. The other kind is that special breed of child who actually has the talent that it takes and bothers mom and dad to get them in. They are the ones who basically make it while the former mentioned children generally fall by the way side because they didn’t have what it takes and their parents wanted it -- not them!
Sydney Parks as Gaabby
       Philadelphia native Sydney Park got her start in the biz extremely early. She was born
to a Korean American father and African American mother. The family relocated to Los Angeles and at the tender age of six, Park became the youngest comedian to grace the stage of the world famous Hollywood Improv.  While auditioning for "America's Got Talent" at the age of seven, she was seen by Disney execs and asked to appear on its top rated sitcom That's So Raven where she did three episodes of the show's fourth and final season. As an eight year old in 2006, Park performed her comic standup routine on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Tom Joyner Show as comedian Syd The Kid. Park is currently a cast regular starring as the step daughter Gabby on the sitcom “Instant Mom” starring Tia Mowry Hardrict as her step mom Stephanie for the “Nick At Nite” Nickelodeon Channel.


    It may be interesting to note that Park’s birthday is October 31st AKA Halloween!  What’s it like having Halloween for a birthday? Park has to think this one out and says, “You know, I have such a crazy, big personality so a lot of people that I meet say when is your birthday and I say Halloween and they say that makes sense. It’s a great birthday, it’s so cool, it’s fun.”

Scene in the kitchen w/Gabby on the right

  Now we switch to the topic of her character Gabby. Park lights up; “She’s always very, very sassy and has a funky sense of style. She’s like 14 going on 20 so she’s super head strong and she is the oldest in the family with two younger brothers. The have their own little things but Gabby is the teenager and she gets the brunt of all the issues. It’s never in between with Gabby. Either she is really cool with you or she’s really upset. She’s a fun character because I feel every teenager can relate to her. She is also sophisticated and she gets really good grades in school but she is also goofy and fun.”

   Does Park like the name Gabby? She smiles, “I think it’s a cute name and I really couldn’t picture another name for my character if that makes sense. It works for her because you have Gabrielle, the sophisticated side of her and you have Gabby the sassy, funky teenager so I think it works.” Parks is quick to add that she has a great relationship with her TV parents i.e, dad Charlie (Michael Boatman), mom Stephanie (Tia Mowry-Hardrict),  grand mother (Cheryl Lee Ralph), younger brothers James (Tylen Jacob Williams) and Aaron Damarr Calhoun.
     So how does a 16yr-old under the glare and lights of Hollywood keep grounded? Park explains, “It really falls on the parents because they have to make sure their child is grounded and have to make sure of who they hang out with. That is like the number one thing. The people who surround you can either get you into some trouble or really help you along the way and be supportive and positive influence in you life. It’s really about who you associate yourself with, who your friends are. I don’t have a whole lot of actor friends because I’ve been in school my whole life and it kind of keeps me grounded by keeping me in the middle.”

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