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Jaden Betts - TV

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Jaden Betts - TV

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Jaden Betts

Rocks As The Voice Of Donny McStuffins!

Photo by Disney Junior & RMM

(L) Doc McStuffins (Kiara Muhammad) and brother (R) Donny (Jaden Betts)

    In March of last year (2012) The 24 hour, Disney Junior Channel launched a historic animated cartoon series for children ages 2-7 titled “Doc Mcstuffins.” The lead character Doc Mcstuffins is an African-American little girl who is a toy whisperer in that she can talk to stuffed animals and other toys in the toy world. She is voiced by 14yr-old Kiara Muhammad. Doc McStuffins has a little brother named Donny McStuffins who is voiced by 11yr-old Jaden Betts. Each show has a new original song that accompanies heartwarming stories. Doc cares for the toys especially when they need her help repairing a stitch or bandaging a boo-boo. She and her toy room friends Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly give children helpful tips about their self care and care for others. They even help ease children’s fears and worries about visiting the doctor.

Jaden Betts voice of Donny McStuffins
     Betts is a youngster who is full of positive light and energy. He is totally professional in his approach to his craft of acting. Since he is the voice of Donny without having to act in front of the camera; how different is V.O. (voice over) work vs. physical acting? Betts explains, “Well, voice over is knowing the emotion in your voice and when you are in front of the camera, it’s on your body motion and in your face and your eyes. Can they understand what your eyes are saying, your posture, do you feel good about yourself and emotions.” Having the vocal and visual things down is a double plus for Betts and he agrees saying “Yes, it definitely is.”  When recording his tracks does he record alone or with other cast members? Betts says, “Most of the time I was by myself but there were some of the times when I was with other cast members.”

       When Betts first got the role of Donny McStuffins, did they tell him how to play the character or did they give him a little leeway on how he would interpret what Donnie was? Betts smiles, “Well I believe that they gave me a little leeway and they told me what I need to sound like and then it was sort of like I needed to figure out what kind of voices they did and bring the character to life.” How nerve racking was his audition to get this role? Betts reflects, “I was pretty nervous because I believe it was one of my first voice over roles. My parents helped me to get loose and have fun with it. You know, be able to be moldable and just play around with it.”

Doc examines a toy come to life patient
What is a full day of work like? Betts runs it down, “A full day of work would be coming in, signing a contract, waiting for the other characters to go out and get their lines done. Then you go in sometimes for 15 minutes. It can get really long if you don’t understand the lines but if you get them it will be a breeze.” Do the actors get their lines in advance? Betts nods, “Usually, our lines are e-mailed to us. I would then go over them and make sure I have the lines down while I’m waiting to go in. I just read the story and by understanding the story and where my lines are and how I will do them.” Off set Betts loves playing pick up basketball, video games and bowling. 

Jaden and the full cast

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