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Paula Patton - Movie

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Paula Patton - Movie

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist
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Paula Patton
Fly’s High In Baggage Claim!
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Paula Patton as Montana Moore

 2013 is proving to be a banner year for actress Paula Patton. Her last movie “2 Guns” opposite superstar actor Denzel Washington debuted #1 at the box office for its opening weekend and has since grossed 74.5 million to date. 

 Patton’s latest project “Baggage Claim” is looking to pick up where “2Guns” left off. The movie is highly anticipated and is loaded with the who’s who of Black superstar male hunks including Derek Luke, Taye Diggs, Boris Kodjoe, Affion Crockett, and Djimon Hounsou among others. Another factor of success that looms with this movie is that it was co-produced, written and directed by David E. Talbert who has a string of financially successful hit gospel stage plays and films. It is hard to mention Talbert and his lovely and talented wife Lyn without including the word “hit” with any of their projects.The central plot of Baggage Claim is that airline flight attendant Montana Moore’s (Patton) little sister Sheree (Lauren London) is getting married and she does not want the embarrassment of being the older sister and single at her wedding. 

L-R Jill Scott (Gail), Adam Brody (Sam) best friends w/Montana
      Montana’s two closest friends and flight attendant co-workers Sam (Adam Brody) and Gail (Jill Scott) hatch up a plot to get her hooked up with all of her ex’s so she could find one who would marry her. Of course they do the hook-ups by finding out which flights they are on so Montana can work on that flight. The film is outrageously funny and sexy.

Jenifer Lewis as mom Catherine

    Jenifer Lewis who is a versatile actress plays Catherine, Patton’s mom and they have such great chemistry. What was Patton’s take on their on screen camaraderie?  She lights up, “Jennifer is an amazing actress and so full of life and spirit and passion and every time she comes to the set she makes everybody laugh. But more important she is
so venerable. She gives everything of her self. That’s a good feeling when you’re working with such a great actress.” 

William (Derek Luke)
Patton also heaps praises on the man who finally wins her heart in the film William (Derek Luke). Her eyes sparkle when she says, “Derek is an amazing actor and I think it’s hard to see a man truly fall in love in a movie. He really loves his wife and has such respect for her (in real life). It just emanates from the warmth and you just believe that this man wants to give himself over to a woman. We immediately clicked and I just knew right away but it was also the sweetness, the innocence and the kindness in his heart.”

Montana (Patton) and Graham (Boris Kodjoe)
Even though Patton’s character Montana is desperate for a man, what keeps her rationale about the whole chasing after one process? Patton laughs, “She has something in her constitution that won’t let her compromise that much. She’s like I’m willing to take another step in that direction but I just can’t do it and what’s beautiful about this romantic comedy I think is that there are two happy endings. There’s one happy ending of a woman who stands up to her family and says I don’t care what you think anymore and from this journey, I’ve come to love myself and I’m OK with that. The second ending was that Montana finds her own happiness before that moment.”

 Leroya Sanford – Baggage Claim
Paula Patton is one of my favorite actresses.  Not just because she’s married to the man that Miley Cyrus Twerked with, Robin Thicke, (who looked like Beetle Juice on stage.), but because after she did many successful documentary segments, she never gave up on her dream of being an actress.   Patton took acting lessons and began landing roles with stars such as Denzel Washington and Will Smith in movies like “2Guns,” “Hitch,” and others such as “Idlewild,” and “Mission Impossible.”  I look forward to seeing “Baggage Claim” because it looks funny and reminds me of many of my aunties… “desperately looking for the right man”, but striking out every time.   So to all my single up in age ladies, you may want to bring a notepad and take notes.  It may have some good advice.

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