Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Smooth Jazz Crooner Victor Fields Announces New Team Members - Music

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Smooth Jazz Crooner Victor Fields Announces New Team Members - Music

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L-R Victor Fields, Scott Mayo and Barbar Collin
     My good friend with the velvet voice, Billboard charted, jazz crooner Victor Fields has announced the latest two new members of his team. First is personal manager Barbara Collin, a jazz music veteran who was the Booker for the late, great Nancy Wilson. Second is Scott Mayo producer who was part of the famed Earth, Wind & Fire Horns among other major credits. Fields is set to light 2019 up.

Fields on stage making it do what it do!

A Personal Message from Mr. Fields 

     I remember when I knew most of the people on my mailing list. A lot of friends and family members. Or, most likely lived in Oakland, San Francisco or somewhere in the Bay Area. They joined the list by either signing in at one of my concerts or joining the list via my website.

      Five CD’s later and that list now has thousands of fans from every continent speaking different languages and observing different cultures. But the one thing we have in common? We love music.

      Maybe they heard “Thinking Of You” or my version of Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” on the radio. Maybe they signed up at one of my shows too. Or a friend or family member told them to check me out. I don’t know. I just type and press send.

      And I don’t do that very often. But, I promised I would communicate more frequently in 2019- and only when I had something of interest to say.

      Now, If you don’t like music, singers, or having fun OR one more email will drive you over the edge, then you have the option to unsubscribe from my list. No problem. You’ll be missed. But I completely understand.

But do that and you’ll miss all the fun!

      I’m on an exciting journey! And I want you to join me behind the scenes. Feel the highs and the lows of the creative and business aspects of music. Meet some amazing talent. Experience the evolution of the music from idea to final product. Hang with me in the recording studio. See it all through my eyes

It’s a virtual backstage pass!

Sound like Big fun? Stay tuned ....
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