Saturday, September 8, 2018

Black Afrikan Hair And The Insanity Of The Black Bonde Psych! by Rych McCain- Book

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Black Afrikan Hair And The Insanity Of The Black Blonde Psych by Rych McCain - Book
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Black Natural Hair Is Scrutinized In Schools And The Work Place Around The World!

     Black nappy, woolly hair in its natural state has been the object of scorn, reidcule and discrimination for centries and the negative bantering is still as prevelent today if not worse than it has always been. Black students are being refused acceptence in schools or getting expelled for wearing afros, locks, estentions and other means of cultural expression. This discrimination also takes place for adults in the workplace.

     It is time for Blacks to equip themselves with the proper mindset to mentally deal with their hair. When you have knowledge of the divinity, power and physical fuctions of Black, woolly hair in its natural state; you will stand tall and fight back with pride, dignity and unmatched self-love that nobody can invalidate!

    TeJedi (Kemetic term for Teacher) Rych McCain has written “Black Afrikan Hair And The Insanity Of The Black Blonde Psych!” to serve that purpose.

     This information is so amazing, anyone with woolly, nappy hair will never view their powerful, spiritual locks with shame ever again but will find a deep agape love and respect for them for life! – guranteed!

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