Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Women Of Color Unite - Event

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Women Of Color Unite -Event
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"Women Of Color Unite" Event Hosted An Evening Of Film, Speeches, Networking, Food and Fun.

     The Women of Color Unite (WOCU) organization headed by its creator, Cheryl L. Bedford, an NAACP Image Award nominated, veteran film producer and advocate for women of color in the entertainment industry, held there second event recently at the Awesomeness TV Studios in Santa Monica. The theme for this occasion was “Women of Color Unite and Their Allies.” This meant that other ladies of various cultural colors and even men who support were invited. The guests arrived on a lavish purple carpet and proceeded to mix and mingle while enjoying cocktails and appetizers.

Actress Chrystee Pharris & Playwrite, Producer, Director Don B. Welch


Actress Olivia Brwon & PWAS Director Peter Wise
Crowd swelling in from the purple carpet
    Bedford’s invitees were from the JTC List that she started on Oscar Night this year via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to honor her mother the late Joan Theresa Curtis. She was a life time activist fighting for equality and issues affecting race and human rights. The purpose of the JTC List was to make employment opportunities more accessible for talented and skilled women of color in the entertainment industry from all over the world. Bedford beamed with pride as the arriving crowd swelled exclaiming, “I had no idea that this thing would draw so much interest. I really thought it would be an uphill battle but to my surprise the right people are interested. They are the ones who can actually hire women of color. That was and still is the goal.”

Organizer Cheryl L. Bedford addresses gathering
Crowd watching video
   After the cocktail mixing hour, the guest adjourned to an indoor amphitheater space where Bedford extended a warm welcome followed by a video presentation which explained the purpose of the JTC List she created that consist of skilled women of color in the entertainment industry and highlights their experience and expertise.

Spoken Word Artist Janice Curtis Greene

 Spoken word artist Janice Curtis Greene offered Afrikan Ancestral libations’ then delivered two powerful pieces titled “Steadfast Spirits” and “The Butterfly.”  

Kid Rapper

     Internet sensation “Kid Rapper” got the place jumping with a blazing rap number which was followed by veteran casting director Leah Daniels-Butler who addressed the audience with uplifting, inspirational words of wisdom regarding the entertainment industry and encouragement to go along with it. 

Leah Daniels Butler
      There was a Q&A session, then the festivities were capped off with a delicious soul food buffet prepared and graciously served by “Salt of the Earth” Catering. And these brothers and sisters “Threw Down” on the food!

     As a parting shot, Bedford reminded everyone in the room with hiring authority to do so.

     Event sponsors included: Awesomeness TV, Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni of Pearl St., Meghan Kramer of Allegory.  Nicole Castro, Theo Dumont and Daniel Sol of Hollyshorts, Ben Watkins of Blue Monday Productions and Creator of Hand of God, Connie Stevens, Forever Spring, The Beauty System, Smirnoff, San Antonio Winery and Stella Rosa. A special thanks to Sisters Melanna Gray and Gianni Amber North of IndieFemme for Female Driven Content and publicist Reid Rich of Infinite Scope PR. To learn more about the JTC List, visit them at www.JTCList.com.

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