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Mackenzie Foy - The Little Prince - Film

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 Mackenzie Foy - The Little Prince - Film

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Mackenzie Foy Voice of The Little Girl I
The Little Prince

     In 1942 author Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote and published “The Little Prince” which became a masterpiece and to date has sold over 145 million copies in 250 languages worldwide. The animated film version of this beloved novella was written by Irena Brignull and was directed by Mark Osborne, the co-director of DreamWorks’ Oscar nominated movie Kung Fu Panda. The producers were Aton Soumache, Dimitri Rassam and Alexis Vonarb the co-founders of On Animation Studios. The film was made in Paris and Montreal by an international team of talented animated feature film professionals in Paris and Montreal, The voice over cast includes Jeff Bridges (The Aviator); Rachel McAdams (The Mother); James Franco (The Fox); Marion Cotillard (The Rose); Benicio Del Toro (The Snake); Ricky Gervais (The Conceited Man); Riley Osborne (The Little Prince); Albert Brooks (The Business Man) and Mackenzie Foy (The Little Girl).  

The Aviator meets The Little Prince after he crashes in the desert

        “The Little Prince” is about the friendship between an eccentric old aviator and the very mature young girl who moves into the house next door with her extremely strict and regimented mother. The curious child peers into the neighboring aviator’s house one day and discovers a book of drawings he made that tells the story of how he crashed in a desert years ago and met the little prince, an enigmatic boy from a distant planet. The aviator’s experience and the tale of the little prince’s travels to other worlds bring the little girl and the aviator closer as they embark on a remarkable adventure together.

Little Girl (Mackenzie Foy) and The Aviator ( Jeff Bridges) Voice overs
     We sat down to discuss the film with the director Mark Osborne and the voice of the little girl MacKenzie Foy. This story is steeped in mythology so how does that play out with today’s movie audience? Osborne explains, “As a 7 year-old little boy who saw the original Star Wars in a movie theatre and knew nothing about the power of myth but was completely floored by what I saw and it changed my life entirely. When I discovered later on in college what was really going on there; that made me want to be a film maker. That made me want to tell stories and made me sort of kind of understand a little bit f how it actually works and how stories can come from your instincts because there is stuff that we all share.”
The Little Prince
     The old man at first appears to be creepy and scary but turns out to be pretty cool. Was that planned to throw the audience off for suspense purposes? Osborne says, “It was actually kind of difficult to figure how to play it out exactly. We designed his house and everybody’s like I’d rather live there. Yes you; everybody knows that’s the better place to live but in this world that is the place that nobody wants to go. So we kind of used that as a misdirect in a way to create this sort of creepy, scary guy and his presence that would end up having this incredible story to tell.” Osborne’s real life son is the little prince in the film and the personal/professional relationship worked really well on the project. 

Mackenzie Foy voice of The Little Girl

Mackenzie Foy
     For her role as the little girl, Mackenzie Foy had to go the extra mile.
She stressed, “The hardest part about it is trying to keep the energy up.
Because after about the sixth hour you’re kind of like oh, oh. With every 
character there’s a different voice. You are trying to impersonate the 
characters and you create an entirely new voice. And that is something      that  is really important especially to me as an actress because energy is 
a very critical thing.” Foy did most of her work alone and the results are fantastic. All ages will enjoy this movie.   

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