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Black Press Ignored By BET Awards Again-TV

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Black Press Ignored By BET Awards Again - TV

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Black Press Ignored By BET Awards Again!

     As a member of the Black Press I will NOT be supporting the BET Awards 2016 this year. BET has not been Black owed or operated since Viacom bought them out. It is my opinion that BET is nothing but a step child to Viacom. The Black Press in general has not been credentialed to cover the BET Awards in the last three years. The red carpet, back press and photo rooms have been seriously scaled down with major budget cuts and are a complete joke now.
Samples of my past BET Awards coverage in my papers are posted throughout this article.

Share Newspaper Toronto, On. Canada
   The Black staff that knew and worked with many of us (Black Press) personally for some 13 years have since been let go and replaced with mostly White Viacom and farmed out PR staff that are strictly corporate and aloof. The BET Awards is nothing but a shell of its former self and has been going down steady for the last three years from what I have observed. I sadly watched the original Don Cornelius lead Soul Train Awards gradually go down to nothing where the budget was cut more every year until it was stopped. I see the same thing happening with the BET Awards.

Share Newspaper Toronto, ON. Canada

    Because I have worldwide readership, I have had international artists say to me that the BET Awards have treated a lot of them shabby. Back in the early days when BET was Black owned under Robert Johnson, they had little support from the mainstream press who looked at them as a joke. Throughout those formative years Black press members like myself would be the only ones to show up and report on their lesser press promotion events while the major network entertainment TV shows would be nowhere in sight. Even at present the major TV and radio networks and papers only show for the one or two big events that BET puts on annually. The rest of the year is k-putt as far as their presence and support.

Mobile Beacon, Mobile, Alabama
    The Black community should know what is going on with a cable network that masquerading as Black but in actuality is not behind the scenes. I can’t tell people what they should do but I will not watch or run squat on the so-called BET Awards this year or years to follow until it is sabotaged I.e., via more budget cuts etc., until it is gone like the other Black Awards Show before it. I used to have your back BET but since you don't need me anymore, I won't support you. Next time you have a small event and beg the Black press to come out to cover it -- we won't be there!

Frost Illustrated Ft Wayne, Indiana

Florida Star Jacksonville, Florida
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