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Meet The Blacks - Film

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Meet The Blacks - Film 

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Mike Epps

Extending A String Of Convincing PerformancesWith 
Meet The Blacks

    Displaying a wide range of acting and comedic ability for many in the biz can be a bit challenging but for some it comes as a natural ability. Comedian/actor Mike Epps is definitely one of the latter category. Yes we know he can make us laugh on stage but on film he has more than surprised us with serious roles In “Repentance,” where he had to deal with a serious psycho played by Forrest Whittaker; “Sparkle” where he portrayed a vicious, woman beating husband and “Jumping The Broom” where he blew everybody’s mind being the voice of reason in the film and waltzed off an NAACP Image Awards for “Best Supporting Actor.” Of course we know the TV sitcoms “Survivor’s Remorse” and the resent ABC-TV series “Uncle Buck,” plus the many standby comedy films. Epps has more than proven that he has the acting range to do it all.

Mike Epps as Carl Black
  In his latest film “Meet The Blacks,” Epps performs a mixture of serious and funny as a dad who comes into some serious money (unscrupulously) and moves his family from the hood in Chicago to Beverly Hills. Unfortunately for them, they get there in time for the annual Purge. The cast in this film is as good as it gets in terms of how they naturally flowed with each other to make their performances unbelievably real as well as funny. What was it like for Epps to have that type of actors who could piggyback off of each other so effortlessly? He laughs, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.  That comes from working with professionals; when you work with professionals and someone who knows how to cast. I think that casting starts in the imagination. When you get a group of people together like Deon the director; he was so good at being the head man, the chairman of everybody, making sure everybody is in the right place, making sure these two are working together, making sure these two are in the scenes. When you put all of that together, it works.”

Mike Tyson as James Clown
    Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson plays James Clown who has his own business catering children’s parties and entertaining them as a clown. He will shock a lot of people who see this movie because he does an excellent acting job. They will say is that Mike? Epps explains, “What a lot of people fail to realize about Mike Tyson is that he’s a natural kind of guy. Even though he’s an athlete; if he gets a hold of a role or an opportunity to do something that’s right up his alley, he’s going to be good at it. And this was right up his alley.” 

Carl Black (Epps) aurgues with Mr. Wooky (Michael Blackson)

How did the cast get in the moods that were required for the different sets from funny to scary gloomy? Epps says, “Well you know how the film world is. We just do the work and put it out there and hopefully people will go see it. I believe in it and I think it was good because to be able to get all of those different types of entertainments together. I mean everybody in there did a different type of entertainment. All of the comedians are different. We had kids to old people. We had the little boy all the way up to Paul Mooney. So when you’re able to mix a gumbo of talent together, hey, you get a good bowl of food man.”

Lorena Black (Zulay Henao) Epps
  The lines in this script are outrageously funny because they spare no sacred ground on which to tread. This should be a block buster and the ending has sequel written all over it. Epps thinks that will happen with an all new cast. If so, this may be the beginning of a series.

The Blacks take a walk L-R Alex Henderson (Carl Jr.) Zulay Henao (Lorena) Epps Bresha Webb (Allie) and Lil Duval (Cronut)

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