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Barbershop 3 - Film

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Barbershop 3 - Film 

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Barbershop 3

A whole New Feel and Look for the Times

  It has been ten years since we last dropped in on Calvin’s (Ice Cube) barbershop. Whereas some things remained the same such as old man barber Eddie (Ced The Entertainer) and much of the original staff, many things have change. The shop is now unisex with female hair stylists who bring an added dimension and flavor to the atmosphere. The biggest change however is the surrounding community and the neighborhood that has deteriorated from bad to worst with rampant crime, community neglect from city hall and worst of all gangbanging and senseless killing with gun violence. The film has a palatable mix of in shop drama that keeps it comedic and entertaining while at the same time involving serious dramatic community situations that makes it relevant for today.

This ensemble piece has a mostly new all star cast with Ice Cube(Calvin), Ced The Entertainer (Eddie), Regina Hall (Angie, Calvin’s business partner), Anthony Anderson (J,D.), Eve (Terri), JB Smooth (One Stop), Lamorne Morris (Jerrod), Sean Patrick Thomas (Jimmy), Deon Cole (Dante), Common (Rashad), Nicki Minaj (Draya) and Margot Bingham (Bree). The film is directed by Malcolm D. Lee, written by Kenya Barris and Tracy Oliver, produced by Robert Teitel and George L. Tillman Jr.

Eve left, Regina Hall Right at press junket round table
   To have a third installment of this film was basically a surprise to all involved because of the length of time that has lapsed since the last one. When asked if she thought she would come back for a third Barbershop Eve laughs and said, “No I didn’t.  Honestly, I didn’t even think that they were thinking about it. So when I got the call I was like I don’t know. It wasn’t like the I don’t know I hate it, it was more of a I don’t know do you need it. You know what I mean? And then once they sent me the script I was like that’s it. Then when they told me the new cast of people that they were bringing in I said this was amazing. It was a no brainer after that,”

     Regina Hall was one of the new kids on the block. How was the experience for her being new coming into an established ensemble? She sweetly says, “Obviously when you are walking into someone’s franchise where everyone is so great, it’s wonderful that they ask you to come in, ask you to be a part of it and their spirit and energy was very welcoming and that was great for me to have a group of people that I like, I like their work and I like their franchise most importantly.”
L-R Common, Ced the E and Ice Cube
   Ice Cube had the same reaction as everyone else when asked if he thought a third Barbershop would be made. He gave an emphatic, “No. I thought it was over. I didn’t think MGM had the stomach for it again. As far as a company, they have been doing a whole lot of things these last ten years. I wasn’t sure if they wanted another one and what is the story, how do we approach it? Initially I said no because it felt like a money grab, let’s just do another one, and what is it about? No one had anything to say and I said I’m out. And then I saw an article where a guy was going through the same thing in his neighborhood and he said let’s give out free cuts to try to curb the violence, I said whoa, this is a real life situation going on in Chicago right now and Calvin’s son would be of that age. So the story kind of started to reveal itself.”
L-R Draya (Nicki Minaj) and Terri (Eve) have words

     Barbershop 3 opens April 15, 2016 in theaters everywhere

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