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Jimmy Jean Louis - Charity

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Jimmy Jean Louis - Charity

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Actor Jimmy Jean Louis
Heads Haitian School Fund Raiser

Photos Courtesy of HUFH
 Jimmy Jean-Louis center with soccer team

Jimmy Jean-Louis

   I recently received an email from a personal friend of mine actor Jimmy Jean Louis. He may best be known as “The Haitian” on the NBC-TV mega hit show “Heroes.”Louis is actually a Haitian in real life, born and reared. When a monster 7.0 earthquake shook Haiti apart in 2010 the devastation was so bad that Louis immediately went home to see about family and loved ones. Once there he knew he had to do something that would not only bring rebuilding and healing to the nation but also have a positive lasting impact for generations to come. 

  He along with his wife Evelyn and fellow Haitian friend Yolley Thomas-Kalos founded the 501-C “Hollywood Unites For Haiti Foundation.” The foundation has built a school in a remote village that has no electricity or running water. They have been operating on donated and sponsored funds but one of the main sponsors are no longer able to continue their part of the funding and the school seriously needs help to stay in operation. It is my sincere hope that all who read this article will help. Your donations small or large are tax deductible and will give a Haitian child an education and a meal. The email reads as follows:

Jimmy with children in school during lunch
I hope you can help me save the school.
My non-profit (Hollywood Unites For Haiti) built a school in Haiti after the devastating earthquake 4 years ago and we’ve been able to give free education and one hot meal to the 135 kids for the past 4 years. The school is located in a remote village up in the mountain where there is no electricity or running water. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from our main donor saying that they will stop funding because they are facing financial problems.

Boys doing their school work

- 8 teachers and 2 cooks expect a monthly salary until the end of the school year.
- 135 kids live for that education and especially for the daily free meal.
- Parents of the students are proud to have a generation of educated kids capable to bring a real change in the village in the near future.
Students In Class
I sometimes think about shutting everything up just so I could concentrate just on myself. Then I think about the hundreds/thousands of people who benefits from the works we do out there. I can not give up on them. I truly believe that it is worth to invest on those kids, without education there will never be any change.

          I urgently need your help to keep the school open.
You could give a small monthly donation (10$, 20$, 40$.....) to cover 1 Student monthly education.
I thank you in advance.
Go to for donation, you will get a receipt in return for your taxes.Spread the word to other friends who might be able to help. 
One love.

     As far as all of the talk about security problems and violence that one sees on the “Tell-Lies-Vision” Louis says, “I don’t think that there are any serious concerns these days. Don’t forget that at the time it was a moment of panic, of surprise for everyone. So I don’t think anybody knew how to react. But now that things have settled I don’t believe that there are any security problems.” Louis even encourages U.S. citizens to visit and vacation in Haiti. He suggest that anyone can go saying, “Matter of fact, I’m on my way to Haiti now where I am taking 35 professionals from Miami for a visit so they can experience Haiti for five great days of vacation and come back and tell people what they saw and what they think about Haiti. There is hope. We just have to focus on the right issues.”

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