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Vanessa Hudgens - Film

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Vanessa Hudgens - TV

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist and
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Vanessa Hudgens

Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before!

Photo by Roadside Attractions & Day 28 Films

Vanessa Hudgens as Apple
Most of her long time fans know her as the foxy looking cutie-pie who innocently charms the socks off of the male viewers on the big and small screens in such movies as “Thirteen,” “Thunderbirds,” “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” and TV shows such as “The Suite Life of Zach & Cody.” Vanessa Hudgens has been in the acting/singing game since age 8 but it was her role in the Disney “High School Musical” film franchise that really propelled her into superstardom and even made her somewhat of a wholesome sex symbol in teen fan magazines, TV entertainment shows and teen websites. In her latest film, Hudgens takes a journey down the dark path of an abused teen runaway who has been in and out of ten foster homes and is on the streets pregnant, desperate with no where to go. 

        The film titled “Gimme Shelter” is based on the true story of a teen girl who not only lived the movie’s storyline but managed to come through it all.

     Hudgens’ fans who are used to seeing her sexy and fine will be shocked at the transformation she undergoes to become a dirty, unkempted, foul mouth, harden street thug who trusts no one and will do whatever it takes to survive. Her looks and acting are so authentic and believable that this may be the pivotal role of her career in showing that yes indeed she can seriously act. Even though the cliques who make up the voting blocks in the Academy may totally disregard this movie and its cast come next year for the 2015 Oscar nominations this columnist is more than convinced that Hudgens’ performance is without question “Best Lead Actress” worthy!

Apple in church
        When she accepted this script, what was her approach to playing this role? Hudgens replies, “I knew that it would take a lot of hard work but it was hard work that I was willing to give. I’ve never had the opportunity to put that kind of work in and it’s really special. I think that it’s kind of an actor’s dream to be really able to spend all day, every day developing a character and understanding someone and this had such a strong message. I don’t know, I just reallyconnected with the characters as soon as I read it and I just knew this was something that I had to do for myself

Apple and dad (Brendan Fraser)
      This film has serious emotional highs and lows throughout. How did Hudgens manage to come down from all of this emotion after the day’s work was done? She chuckles, “While I was doing it, I thought that I was definitely turning it on and off but as soon as we wrapped, I realized it had been on the entire time because then I only knew my character and I didn’t know how to be myself. So that’s when I actually realized that I had stayed in it for so long. I was riding on a total high while I was doing this movie just because everyday was so thrilling. To be able to scenes that we did was an amazing accomplished feeling but I don’t think I was aware of how in it I was until afterwards.”

Father McCarthy (James Earl Jones)
This movie was shot at an actual shelter in New Jersey and Hudgens lived in it with the girls to get the feel of it. The girls were also in the movie as extras and Hudgens was inspired by them. One girl in particular really bonded with Hudgens and the film’s director Ron. Hudgens reflects with warm feelings saying, “I became very close with her and she really opened my eyes up to how much it takes. I mean I can put myself in that situation and I did the movie and I felt like I had a good grasp on it but stepping outside of that and looking in she just inspires me so much because she seriously is one of the strongest young women that I know. And it makes me sad because I don’t think she even knows how strong she is and I want her to. So for me, something that I’m trying to do is to show her how amazing and incredible she is and how she is going to inspire so many people with her story. I adore her. Her story speaks for itself.”

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Coco Jones - Party

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Coco Jones - Party

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndication Entertainment Columnist McCain and
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Coco Jones Celebrates Her Sweet 16!

Coco Jones on red carpet (with gold Pastry Sneakers)

Coco tasting a cupcake
     Recording artist and actress
Courtney (Coco) Jones celebrated her “Sweet 16” birthday party at the swank SLS Hotel Garden Terrace in Beverly Hills. The evening festivities began with a red carpet lined with press that took photos and conducted interviews. A bevy of Hollywood’s hottest teen stars arrived decked out in their party fashion best and slowly made their way down the carpet including the birthday girl who was rocking a flashy gold pair of Pastry Girl sneakers. Jones is an ambassador for the sneaker and lifestyle brand that aims to empower and inspire girls through the 1U campaign, encouraging girls to fully express who they are with confidence. 

     Later in the evening a special surprise was unveiled featuring the video premiere of the new single “Glitter,” co-written and performed by Coco Jones & Katie Armiger, the anthem to celebrate the 1U mission to inspire girls to stand up for themselves and be heard. Other Pastry Ambassadors in attendance included: 

Alli Simpson - New single "Why I'm Single" video drew over 4 million views on YouTube. (Preview).

Madison Pettis - star of Nickelodeon's "Life with Boy"

Jessica Jarrell - opened for Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson on tour and performed duets with both. Her music videos have drawn millions of views


(Show link)

ALLI SIMPSON - Why I'm Single [Offici
Coco's gift Fiesta Ford

 In addition to being a Pastry Girl Ambassador, Jones represented the Ford Motor Company Teen Driving program and was presented the keys to a new Ford Fiesta. When asked about her involvement in the Ford program, Jones was all smiles saying, “It was actually really, really amazing. I did a bunch of videos talking about teen driving. They actually have a website where they give you all of these tips on driving and everything. But I’m actually learning to drive manual so getting to have that experience with my fans and teaching my fan the tips that I have learned was really awesome.”

      A slick DJ kept the sounds kickin’ and the food being served by waiters circulating the garden terrace was mouth watering delicious. Other star teen guests in the packed house affair included Leroya Sanford, Katherine McNamara, Zendaya Coleman, Ashlee Keating, Danielle Curiel, Austin North, Bryan J, Audrey Whitby, Donis Leonard, Jr., Dylan Snyder, Jake Short, Gracie Dzienny, Jaylen Barron, Scotty Noyd, Olivia Holt, The McClain sisters Sierra, Lauren and China Anne and many other just to name a few! Happy Sweet 16 Coco!

                     Coco Jones Sweet 16

  Music artist Courtney “Coco” Jones starred on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing (N.B.T) and in the Disney Channel movie “Let it Shine” celebrated her Sweet Sixteen Party at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.  I love that instead of bringing gifts she asked invited guests to bring a clothing donation to be given to Threads for Teens, ( a non-profit organization which help disadvantage girls build self-esteem with gifts of clothing, support and education).   In an industry where people can be self-absorbed she used the occasion to bring awareness and help under privileged girls.  The famous quote, “it’s better to give than to receive” seems true because Ford gave her a cool new car.   Car beats just about every gift any day.   Coco will have a ball driving that around town, I just hope to get a chance to cruise with her in it one day.   

(L) Leroya         (R) Coco

    The party was packed with a bunch of stars from the Big Screen, Disney and Nickelodeon.   Most people were so amazingly cool and down to earth like China Anne McClain.  She’s such a class act.   However I think a couple young celebs need to remember they are always “on stage”.   Like I saw one celeb, (that I’m not going to name), was asked to take a picture.  This person put on the smile and took a great photo.  The person gracefully thanked the celeb and I began to walk over to say hello.  Then as soon as the person began to walk away, the celeb turned around and rolled their eyes behind the person’s back that they just took the picture with.  It made me stop in my tracks.  I was going to say hello but it was obvious that this “star” didn’t want to be bothered.  To all my peeps, you have my permission to keep me in check and rip me a new one if I ever act like that. 

     Finally a quick shout out to Holly Taylor and Emily Erskine from Rogers & Cowan for an amazing job.  These classy professional ladies work so hard but make it look so easy.
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Chris Pine - Film

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 Chris Pine - Film

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist and 
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Photos Courtesy Paramount Pictures

Chris Pine

Raises The Stakes In New Spy Thriller!

Chris Pine as Jack Ryan
Snagging a lead role in a movie franchise is a lofty career break for any actor but having lighting strike twice with a second franchise lead is a rare blessing indeed. Chris Pine is now in this coveted position with his latest movie “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.” Fans of this young, handsome leading man have followed his early career through films like the Denzel Washington runaway train thriller “Unstoppable,” “Just My Luck” opposite Lindsay Lohan and “Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” opposite Anne Hathaway to name some. But the real boost to Pine’s career was his portrayal of James T. Kirk, Captain of the Federation Starship U.S.S. Enterprise in the last two “Star Trek” movies which are sure to spawn more sequels.

   Now Pine is now reprising the role of Jack Ryan, the ordinary super spy character created by master, best selling spy novelist Tom Clancy. Hollywood brought Jack Ryan to the big screen first in “The Hunt for Red October” and again in “Patriot Games,both movie blockbusters. Now Pine brings us a young and 2014 version of the character in “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.” This film does not disappoint and has all of the elements of a spine tingling, action spy thriller. Obviously people are curious as to the differences for Pine as Kirk in the future and Ryan in the present. Pine explains, “The great thing about the Jack Ryan films is that the plot and the stories kind of always take center stage and I think if you’ve done your job as the actor portraying jack Ryan, you are present enough to make an impact but you kind of let the story shine. We had a great story that David Koepp came up with. Obviously with Kirk, Shatner (William) made such a deep impression that it’s a whole different thing entirely.”

Jack Ryan in hot pursuit
  Pine showed his daringness by doing his own stunts. He elaborates on that; “I did plenty of my own stunts. I enjoyed doing them. I think most actors do it. You get to live out boyhood fantasies and you have people making sure that you do it safely.” Like the James Bond films with many actors that have played Bond, Jack Ryan has two predecessors in Alec Baldwin (Hunt For Red October) and Harrison Ford (Patriot Games). 

(R) Ryan (Pine) is recruited by CIA Agent William Harper (Kevin Costner)

Ryan's lady Cathy Muller (Keira Knightley)
How does this affect how Pine approached playing his version of Ryan? He smiles, “I’ve always loved the series, I’ve always loved the spy genre, fiction and films so I just kind of well versed with the Clancy universe having watched the films growing up. And looking at the character and re-watching the films, what I most enjoyed for me was the difference in what I saw in how Alex portrayed and how Harrison portrayed the character. With Alex in “Hunt” you have this, what Alex does really well; confident, intelligent, analytical man who knows what he knows and is not afraid to say it. With Harrison, with his tweed coat and his Volkswagen Jetta, he’s the humble intellect and the classic reluctant hero. And I thought somewhere in that was kind of a great way to being looking at the character.” 

     Unlike the Bond films where 007 wears the latest of suits, jewelry and drives expensive sports cars, Jack Ryan is a laid back ordinary guy. What was Pine’s take on this image? He laughs, “In the beginning there was a big discussion about suits so the costume designer brought in all of these beautiful Ralph Lauren suits and very kind of banker suits that looked awesome but the image I kept going back to was Harrison Ford’s look and that to me was the character. He didn’t care about suits or fancy watches; he had a 10 dollar haircut. That’s who he is.

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