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Jacob Bertrand - TV

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Jacob Bertrand - TV

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Jacob Bertrand

Disney’s Next Big Superstar?

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Jacob Bertrand
You know something big is cooking when the Disney XD channel has cast you for two pilots to make it a can’t loose situation. That is exactly what has happened to thirteen year old Jacob Bertrand. Only one other child actor in Disney’s history has ever been cast in two pilots simultaneously  when Selena Gomez was given the honor and the smash hit “Wizards Of Waverly Place” was the result which catapulted Gomez into a teen superstar. Bertrand may be young but he is a veteran actor with a long list of TV and film work including Voice over’s for “Rise of The Guardians,” “ParaNorman,” “Tom and Jerry’s Giant Adventure” to name some. Such high expectations from the brass at Disney to place Bertrand in position to become their next bread and butter star is an awful heavy weighted situation to place on a thirteen year-old.  

How is he handling it? Bertrand is very upbeat and responds, “Yeah, the pressure can sometimes get to you but I don’t know. I look at it more as a fun time. I love acting so it’s not really that much like oh my gosh I have to turn in perfect. Deep thoughts like that do get to my head but it’s not so overwhelming that it’s kind of dyslexic. It’s a lot of fun.”

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    Did the Disney execs give him some kind of guidelines of what they expected so he knew what he needed to do once he got in there? Bertrand explained, “The Disney Execs are all super-super awesome. They said just keep doing what you’ve been doing. We love how you play the characters. Just be who you are.” Bertrand has already shot both pilots and enjoyed them. He beams as he says, “They’re both so different and they’re both such great pilots. They are so well written. I love both of the characters and I’m excited for which ever one they pick up. I just cross my fingers. They were so much fun to film and the cast for each one was really, really cool.”

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   How does Bertrand’s family react to the Disney superstar talk? He laughs, “All of my siblings; my younger brother and my older sister have been acting for a long time. I’ve been with the Osbrink Agency for ten years. We all kind of have our own things going and they definitely don’t even see me as a (superstar).” Now we all know of the Disney child stars who became older and went off the deep end lifestyle wise for the worst. Is there a gameplan for that? Bertrand beams with pride saying, “Yeah, my parents, I would call them strict parents because I’m usually the one that almost doesn’t get to maybe go to the sleep over because I have a test the next day. They are super tight about my grades, the roles I play and their big things are focused on acting and school. They are just super, duper tight about that stuff and that’s kind of like all of my family is. We’re very outdoors. We love to go on hikes. It’s rare that we are inside with video games.” 

 Off set Bertrand love to go mountain biking with his brother and dad. He also plays basketball in a city sponsored league and loves soccer as well. His favorite color is blue and he loves brussel sprouts and broccoli with cheese, sushi, pizza and salmon. Hype or not, Bertrand is a young man who definitely on his way.

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