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Skylan Brooks and Ethan Dizon - Film

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Skylan Brooks and Ethan Dizon - Film

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist
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Skylan Brooks and 
Ethan Dizon

Are Brilliant As 
Mister and Pete!

Photos Courtesy of Codeblack Films & Lionsgate

L: Mister (Skyland Books) R: Pete (Ethan Dizon)

     Hollywood has seen its share of child and teen stars come and go. Whereas most shine for the duration of a hit TV show or a couple of movies then fade into oblivion, a select few stand the test of time and graduate to adult stardom with a lasting career. Thirteen year-old actor, model and dancer Skylan Brooks and eleven year-old musician (piano), athlete (martial arts and competitive swimming) Ethan Dizon can easily qualify as candidates for the latter category as mentioned above. Both youngsters played off of one another with such natural timing and chemistry in the new movie “The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister & Pete” that some critics are already talking possible Oscar® bids for either the pair or one of the two.

  Brooks plays the lead role of “Mister.” His mom Gloria (played by Grammy® and Oscar® winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson) is a heroin addicted, strung out mom who is apprehended by the police. Mister and his young neighbor friend Pete are left alone in the apartment to fend for themselves in the projects. Pete’s mom is just as bad as Mister’s mom so the boys do what they need to do to eat and survive with Mister calling the shots. Brooks delivers an astounding performance with acting maturity well beyond his thirteen years. Dizon himself hangs right in there with him not missing one beat. Both boys are remarkable as a team and they received a rousting standing ovation after their packed house screening on the closing night of the Hollywood Black Film Festival in Hollywood.

Brooks & Dizon
  The lead role in this film required Brooks to be in 157 scenes. Who did he get up for that? Books instantly responds, “I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it. It had a lot of cursing language in there and my parents were talking about that. So I discussed it and I realized that myself and Mister had a lot in common. Not the drugs or the projects and all that but we had common interest and I was acting.” This was such an outstanding performance where Brooks demonstrates without question that he can carry a dramatic lead role. What does he hopes comes from it? Cutting a quick positive glance, he says, “Open some doors. I’d like to venture into other things too, drama comedy, everything. How was it working with the master director George Tillman, Jr.? Brooks lights up, “He’s amazing! He knows how to get it out of you. He guided me the whole way through and so did my co-star Ethan, We connected immediately and he drove it out of me.” Speaking of his co-star Ethan, how quick did they bond/ Brooks responds, “After one audition. It was seconds because we really got to talk to one another before we actually entered together to do the chemistry read and we got the chance to talk alone, meet up and my dad met his dad. I was just really awesome from the beginning.”

Dizon and Brooks
  How did Dizon prepare for his role? He explains, “The director (Tillman) gave us some films and photos to look at of boys who go through this kind of stuff everyday. We talked with a drug counselor at Homeboy Industries and he shared his story with us about his dad and how he did drugs and how that affected his purpose.” Has Dizon ever known any real life person who has been in his character Pete’s situation? Dizon explains, “No, I’ve never known anybody who has been in this situation. That’s why I thought it was very unique and I needed to play it.” What was Dizon’s experience on set? “He flashes a big smile, “These guys are so awesome. They are so nice and I learned a lot working on set.”

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