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Jeffrey Wright - Movie

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Jeffrey Wright - Movie

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Jeffrey Wright

Inventive  In The Hunger Games Catching Fire!

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     The anticipation is running extremely high for the opening of “The Hunger Games Catching Fire.” Mentioning the word “blockbuster” is merely an understatement as this film series has become a phenomenon of epic proportions. In this go-round, we see a rematch of sorts of past tournament champions deemed (The Quarter Quell) overseen by President Snow. One of returnees is Beetee; an inventor genius and electronics wizard who has a particular fondness and propensity for using electricity and his brains as weapons. His smartness and calculating methodical moves makes him extremely dangerous. Beetee is played by award winning theater, TV and film veteran Jeffrey Wright. 
Jeffrey Wright as Beetee
  Even though this film is supper major in every way, Wright is no stranger to block buster movies having appeared in two James Bond films i.e., Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Wright really wasn’t up on the Hunger Game books written by Suzanne Collins or the first film’s phenomenon but when he received a call from director Francis Lawrence to do the part of Beetee for the second film, all of that changed in a heart beat. Wright laughs, “As soon as I discovered how rich the material was, how complicated and relevant it was, I became really excited.”

All District Warriors Suited Up and Ready For Action
  All of the competitors in the tournament know at one point they must kill or be killed. How would Wright deal with the frame of mind that a certain death situation puts you in on the for real side in life? “I guess I find myself in times of crisis and danger responding like my mother I have to say. She responds to crisis like no one else I’ve ever met. 

Beetee in the forest
gets calm, clear and thoughtful so I think that’s where Beetee is too. He’s going to get out of there. He’s going to figure out a way because he’s crafting a way from the start to resist this whole idea and how to blow up the whole system. From the very time you see him, he’s looking for the flaw. That’s what he says to her and I think it’s a wonderfully subversive message that there is always a flaw in the system and he’s in tune to that.

Jeffrey Wright
    With the history of Hollywood stereo typing Black characters as less intelligent, bumbling etc., how pleasing was it to find out that Beetee was technical, nerd brainiact? Wright lights up with delight, “First of all I can’t say enough about Francis Lawrence (the film’s director), his mastery of this story and of this film. But as well, he and Nina Jacobson (the film’s producer), have really tried to paint a very even and realistic picture of this dystopian society that’s reflective of our society. So they painted this thing with many of the shades of who we are. And sure that I’m cast as the cerebral one amongst these warriors is propaganda that I like to be a part of. I like to be a part of parts that don’t underestimate the complexity of who all of us are particularly folks of color.”


 The expectations for a movie of this magnitude are so high, what was it like on the set shooting it and was their pressure? Wright explains, “For me was that I don’t step into this extraordinarily successful piece and detract from it. You don’t want to be the mosquito at the party.”

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