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James Wan Insidious Chapter 2 - Movie

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James Wan Insidious Chapter 2 - Movie

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James Wan

Master Horror Film Director!

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"Insidious Chapter 2" Director James Wan
“Insidious Chapter 2” scared up an impressive 42 million on its opening weekend nabbing the coveted #1 position. The master architect behind the film is producer, director, writer James Wan. He is no stranger to the horror film genre having been the creator and original director of the first “Saw” movie that would later become a franchise. Wan’s other gems include “Dead Silence,” and his recent 100 million plus horror blockbuster “The Conjuring.”  

       Wan was born in Kuching, Malaysia of Chinese descent and was reared in Melbourne, Australia where he studied at The royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. This is where he met his good friend Leigh Whannell who would later partner with him to make films. Before he made it to Hollywood, Wan shot his first feature length film, “Stygian” with Shannon Young which won the “Best Guerrilla Film” award at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival in 2000.

Dalton (played by Ty Simpkins) getting it from a ghost
  Wan next made the trek to the Sundance Film Festival in 2004 with his original “Saw” project and it got picked up by Lionsgate Films. Two films, “Dead Silence” and “Death Sentence” followed,” then in 2007 he debuted “Insidious” at the Toronto Film Fest. Sony jumped on it with both feet and here we are today. What was Wan’s basic objective with “Insidious, Chapter Two?” He ponders and replies, “I’ve never made a sequel before. This is my first sequel that I’ve directed and I usually stay away from that. There have been many “Saw” sequels but I’ve never directed any of them. Part of the reason for coming back was the chance to work with the producers and same people, the cast and crew that I love. We had so much fun making the first movie and also to re-visit the characters again. I love the characters. It was like catching up with family members but I didn’t want to re-hash what I did in the first movie. The first movie was a haunted house film with a twist. For the second one, we felt the nature of where the story was going. It felt more like a domestic thriller with a supernatural twist. 

Director Wan on set
That’s what I think is going to be immediately
different but it still lives in the same world that we had created in the first film.” The film is a little confusing in terms of the viewer losing track of who is possessing whom, was that done on purpose? Wan lets out a good laugh, “I don’t think so. I tried to be as clear as I could but it’s kind of tricky because to some degree you don’t want to try to explain everything but yet you can explain enough so that people are not too confused.”

NO this is not a klan meeting but a basement full of ghost

     Even though Wan has firmly established himself as a horror director/writer, he has desires to do all sorts of films from romantic comedies to action. And one of those desires has been fulfilled as he is now directing “Fast and Furious 7” which is shooting as this interview is being written. What is the transition like to helm one of the biggest action franchises in the business? “It is a departure from what people have seen me put out. It’s not a departure for me. I’ve been wanting to make action films since I came to Hollywood. That’s my #1 love. It just so happens that I’ve been so successful with my indie scary movies that I haven’t had the chance to break out of it. I grew up loving “Raiders of The Lost Ark” and “Terminator” so those are the films that I want to eventually make and ten years later I’m finally getting the chance to do so.”

The Constant Battle
I realize that there is a constant never ending battle.  Good vs. Evil.  We may have a beautiful garden but if we don’t maintain it the weeds will take over.  It’s the same with our minds.  If we don’t guard our thoughts, the bad thoughts will grow like weeds in a garden and strangle our potential and our productivity.   Jamie Masada, the owner of The Laugh Factory, has a quote posted, “Laughter is the best Medicine”.   That’s why I love making people laugh.  Laughter stops the angry depressing weeds from growing in our minds.  You can’t be laughing and be angry at the same time.  Well unless you’re doing an evil laugh.  Remember, every minute spent angry is 60 seconds of happiness wasted.

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