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Raven Goodwin - TV

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Raven Goodwin - TV

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Raven Goodwin

Being Niecy On Being Mary Jane!

Raven Goodwin (Niecy)
BET’s new hit drama “Being Mary Jane,” has hit the airways like a Tsunami  Partly because of the show’s main star, sexy and gorgeous Gabrielle Union along with a great supporting cast and storylines that are gut wrenchingly real. One of the outstanding performances being rendered is by Raven Goodwin who plays Niecy, the daughter of Mary Jane’s misfit brother who is an unemployed, recovering alcoholic. Niecy herself is not fairing too well either because she is not in school and pregnant by a boy who has another girl knocked-up as well. Nobody has a job and newscaster/talk show hostess Mary Jane must shoulder the financial burden and management load for the entire dysfunctional family.

     Acting since she was the age of four, Goodwin, a Washington, D.C. native, has worked her way up the ranks like her youthful colleagues via appearances on TV shows such as “Everybody Hates Chris,” “3rd Rock,” “Glee’ and others. She may best be known to date as Tangie Cunningham on Nickelodeon’s “Just Jordan.” Film wise Goodwin won an “Independent Spirit Award” for “Best Debut Performance” as Annie Marks for the Indy comedy/drama “Lovely & Amazing.” 

   In getting back to her character Niecy on “Being Mary Jane,” Goodwin laughs and says, “She’s something else, that’s for sure.” What is her experience like in Atlanta? Goodwin says, “I was commuting between LA and Atlanta. It’s a series but we shot it like it was a movie. So I was there on and off for a few weeks then I was there for a month straight and you know, we just kicked it and loving it.”  What is the chemistry with this cast? Goodwin is all smiles, “Its an amazing chemistry. We’re family and we all look alike. Oddly, because as you know on TV they like to put two dark skin parents with a light skin kid – how did that happen? But it’s a beautiful Black family, middle upper class and even though on the outside it's beautiful, on the inside we have some baggage. So I'm excited for everyone to see that." 

     In the up coming episodes, what are we going to see from Nicey? Is she going to blow our minds? Goodwin reacts, “She is! I think she’s going to prove to everybody that no matter if you are a mom or not you still try to find your way and I think that is important.” As a mention of note, I would remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that Goodwin has made my Rych McCain’s top t0 list of Hollywood’s most talented youth and is a part of my media family.


The Smurfs 2 Review by 
   Leorya Sanford

    This is a great summer movie for the whole family.  The movie blends animation with real life in a very realistic way that draws you in.  The movie has an important message as well, “It’s not where you come from that’s important, it’s who you choose to be”.   The two new characters Vexy and Hackus were a great addition.  I especially love the cat, Azrael.  He had me laughing throughout the entire movie.  I give this movie two thumbs up.

Leroya posing with the Smurfs at the promotional press party screening held on the Sony Pictures Lot

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