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Liem Hemsworth - Moives

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Liem Hemsworth - Movies

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist
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Liam Hemsworth

Takes On Corporate Spying In “Paranoia!”

When one looks at the huge financial dealings of the corporate world and the cut throat, dog-eat-dog atmosphere that has been fostered between its competitors; it makes you wonder if a company needed a piece of transformational technology bad enough that they knew their competitor had, how far would they go and how low would they stoop to get it? Liam Hemsworth plays a character named Adam Cassidy in the new techno-thriller “Paranoia,” who becomes trapped between two corporate CEO’s whom at one time where partners but fell out with each other and started their own companies which are at odds with each other to grab and maintain dominance in their markets. Melbourne, Australia native Hemsworth navigates the role smooth and convincing while keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Adam Cassudt (Liam Hemsworth)

How was his experience filming in Philadelphia? Hemsworth is relaxed stating, “Philadelphia was great. I’d never been there before. It was interesting because it’s like a small New York. It’s not as big and easy to film in. We had a great time there, it’s a good city.” This is a story with a different twist from other projects he has worked. What was the difference for him? A nice smile is produced as Hemsworth explains, “I think what’s good about this film is that you get a good inside about this day and age and how hard it is to keep things private from your personal life to the internet and how much information is able to be stolen so easily and so quickly.”

Emma Jennings (Amber Heard)
Hemsworth’s character Adam becomes involved with a high ranking corporate, sexy brunette bombshell named Emma (played by Amber Heard) who works closely under her boss Nicolas Wyatt (played by Gary Oldman) who is the adversary of his former partner Jock Goddard (play by Harrison Ford). 

L-R: Adversaries Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford) & Nicolas Wyatt (Gary Oldman)

Adam after gettin' it on1
         Adam and Emma meet at a dance club and end up spending the night together. Then are re-acquainted at a corporate meeting where Adam gets sucked into a vicious spy game between two companies. How would he sum up his character’s on screen romance with Emma? Hemsworth squeezes out a coy, sneaky grin when he says. "Amber's character in the film is extremely intelligent and a little scary. I would say she's pretty close to that in real life. On the set I would have conversations with Amber where she would say things that I didn't understand. Those fashion magazines that she had spread out to read were just a front. She is really intelligent."
Adam and his creative team gets fired from their job.
           What are Hemsworth’s biggest concerns with electronic data now that he has done this film? He becomes serious at this point, “It’s interesting that one of the biggest threats these days is cyber warfare and how dangerous it is when they talk about terrorist groups hacking into to power plants and all of these things that are now run by computers and everything is connected. All of a sudden, we don’t have don’t have these thing in place to protect us. We’ve advanced our technology so quickly that we haven’t though about all of the repercussions that go alone with it.”

Hemsworth and his on/off again lady Miley Cyrus at the "Paranoia" Premiere
       Hemsworth’s character Adam was so hungry for success that didn’t come with his “so-called” hard work that is was not much of a stretch for him to go the cut-throat route to finally get ahead. What is his message to young folks entering the work force after having done everything they were supposed to do i.e., graduate from college then work hard, only to find out that this rarely works in the real world? Hemsworth advises, “That sort of cut-throat ruthlessness is ultimately not going to service you on a spiritual level. Don’t do what those have done before you. That sum’s up Adams character for me.” For you “Hunger Games” die-hards, Hemsworth will reprise his role of Gale Hawthorne in the forthcoming installment. 

An Intimate Night of Spoken Word
   I was blessed to be able to perform poetry and comedy at The Beverly Hills Country Club recently. The headliner was Emmy nominated actor/director Malcolm-Jamal Warner. He closed the show with his unique Spoken Word ensemble entertaining the sold out crowd.  Comedian Stevie Mack hosted the event along with poetry from Heather Parker and The “Oracle” Denise Lyles-Cook.  It was an amazing night with a 3 course dinner and Free Dama Tequila for the adults. I tried to order a drink for myself but they weren’t serving chocolate milk. However, I do love their slogan, “The world’s first Tequila created by women for women™ …and the men who love them”. 

Deon Edwards from www.TwiceDot.com, an online Newspaper, produced the event.

Malcolm Jamal Warner and Leroya Sanford

I especially love the fact that Mr. Deon made sure that proceeds from the event benefited The Fred Jordan Mission.   (For over 50 years The Fred Jordan Mission has been dedicated to feeding the hungry, healing the hurting, serving the homeless and loving the unloved.)  Combining entertainment and help others is a blend I love to be a part of.

Editor's note: 

To see Leroya's performance at the show click on www.youtube.com/watch?v=abb1bBcaDvg  or go to youtube and type in "Leroya Poetry & Comedy at the Beverly Hills Country Club."


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