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Richard Brooks - TV

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Richard Brooks - TV

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment columnist
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Richard Brooks

Maintaining The Opposite Side For BET’s “Being Mary Jane!”

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Richard Brooks
       He has been astutely commanding his acting career over the years with professional aplomb, confidence, grace and a quiet since of humility that has kept him at the top of his game. We are referring to veteran actor Richard Brooks who is currently starring as Patrick Patterson, the wayward, always down on his luck brother to Mary Jane (played by Gabrielle Union), on BET’s new smash hit TV Drama “Being Mary Jane.” Brooks, a Cleveland native, began his career journey with extensive drama, dance and voice studies at the Intelachon Academy of Arts in Michigan. After which he moved to New York where he continued study at The Circle In The Square Professional Theater School where he performed in The Eugene O’Neil Theater Conference production of August Wilson’s “Fences.” 

     Brooks has an impressive list of credits as a guest star and cast regular on many major TV shows and movies as well. He may best be known as Assistant DA Paul Robinette on the long time mega-hit, award winning cop drama “Law and Order” for NBC-TV. “Being Mary Jane” is a new drama series for the BET Network that was created and written by TV and movie veteran Mara Brock Akil who is on a hit making streak with her other shows that she has created and written for including “Moesha,” “Girlfriends,” “The Game” and the remake of the movie “Sparkle.” The show’s movie debut reviews were overwhelmingly positive and it appears that Akil not only has another solid TV show hit to her credit but BET has added another notch in their belt in establishing a niche in drama programming.

Brooks as Patrick
     In talking about his “Being Mary Jane” character, Brooks breaks him down; “Patrick is just the black sheep of the family trying to come up, trying to get back on top, a recovering alcoholic, has daughters who are pregnant teens you know, just dealing with a lot of issues right now that a lot of men are dealing with I think.”  This drama has it all and the subjects are as real as it gets. What was the reaction of the cast when they got together for the first table read? Brooks belts out a laugh, “I mean the casting; everybody is so perfect for the roles. We already felt like a family.” To back that statement up, Brooks’ co-star on the show Aaron D. Spears (who plays Mark Bradley) chimed in saying “It’s the realness of it that is going to carry the show over. I think its going to hit people where they are, hit them in their heartstrings right in the mist of their reality in terms of their lives. It is something that you have either lived or you know someone who has lived through it. It’s like a slice of life, that’s what I like to call it.”

Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane
    Because the “Being Mary Jane” movie was such a big hit, Brooks relates that success to the TV series adding, “It’s going to be incredible. It’s going to pick up right where the movie left off and tie it all together. The show’s producers also advocate that the viewers go to the BET website and let them know that they not only love the show but that they want continued episodes.


     Last week I was in Chicago for the very first time. What a great city.  The entire week I was there the heat index was in the 100’s everyday. I stayed in Englewood, on the South Side which is considered one of the worse violent neighborhoods in the city. Was I on vacation?  No.  For those who don’t know, I’m a ten year- old comedienne. I was blessed with an opportunity to perform at the House of Blues and The Laugh Factory in Chicago. I couldn’t let this chance pass me by. I had an incredible great time performing and met a bunch of great folks that became good friends. People were telling me I shouldn’t go, saying it’s too dangerous. I know they all “think” they are looking out for my best interest, but they’re not. Many people are too scared to live so they play it too safe and never really live life. Then they project their fears on the rest of us trying to live our dreams. My advice; if you’re not going to ride the train with me, then get off the tracks because this train is leaving the station. Remember, every minute spent angry is 60 seconds of happiness wasted.

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